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13 April 2015

DJ Johnny Budz: Shattering the Airwaves

By // Music

It’s a Saturday night and you’re online at Rise, Waterside or D’Jais premier nightclubs in New Jersey. As you approach the door you can hear the driving beats and pounding …

12 February 2015

Jagged Row: Slicing Their Way Into America’s Heart

By // Music

Dallas, Texas, the land of cowboys, outlaws and an elite football team also lets not leave out the cheerleaders. But this lone star state has a lot more to offer …

25 January 2015

Basile: Making Laughter Worldwide

By // Theatre

Comedy is sometimes considered the healthiest type of medicine and for most folks it is true. This theory has been the backbone of many comedians when appearing in public. The …

20 January 2015

Bounce Entertainment: Full-Service in NYC

By // Music

New York City has always been a key location for those in search of A-list entertainment. From film to music to live theater, it’s an American Mecca for artists looking …

09 January 2015

3 Quarters Dead, Full of Life

By // Music

The hard-biting guitar riffs, pounding drum rolls and razor sharp voice emanating from the studio is hard to ignore. The combination of musical talent is evident from the band 3 …

13 October 2014

Echodrama: Embracing Worldwide Audiences

By // Theatre

As many of us know the origin of theatre was in ancient Greece and since then it has evolved more than even the forefathers thought it would. One pure example …

25 September 2014

From Russia with Talent: Actor/Singer Serge Didenko

By // Music

In today’s acting and music industries it is becoming more saturated with “wannabes” and cheap imitations. Most of these recent phenomenon’s are due to the advancement of technology. Nowadays almost …

02 September 2014

Publicist Spotlight: Doreen D’Agostino

By // Music

From a young woman Doreen always saw the glass full and never looked back. She had a keen knack for conversation and a drive to make things happen. Her first …

03 July 2014

Two Talented Minds Produce a Motivational Piece

By // Theatre (New York)

It becomes a natural occurrence that artistic works come to life when talented minds mesh. That would be the case for playwright John Diigrl and director Troy Diana. Troy for …

15 May 2014

The Dark Streets to the Spotlight: Greg “The Greek”

By // Cinema

Sometimes you need to survive a tragedy to find your place in the world. This would be the case for upcoming comedian/actor Greg “The Greek” Kritikos. Greg was raised on …

10 April 2014

The Falling Birds: Bringing the Beat to the Bitter End

By // Music

The place was packed with pretty girls lining the bar and guys in loose jeans nursing their beers. It was Friday night so everyone was out to let loose and …

16 March 2014

Gerard Cordero: Punching the Way to Success

By // Cinema

Who is Gerard Cordero? Gerard Cordero is what you would call a “man of many trades” who has managed to bridge the gap between acting and martial arts. At twelve …

16 February 2014

Lou Vanaria: Building on Every Role

By // Cinema

The bright eyed boy from the Bronx “who did good” and became an example for others to strive for more. Lou “Crazy Mario” Vanaria never thought he would ever work …

17 January 2014

Spotlight: Amathus Music

By // Music

Recently dance music has seen a resurgence in popularity on a worldwide scale. This is due in part to the efforts of individuals who love the often ignored genre. Some …

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