GAME 56 7-0 Loss vs. NYYankees Season Record: 27-29 As a complement to last month’s completely ramshackle list of the Top 25 offensive seasons in Blue Jays history, today I will begin a list of the Top 25 pitching seasons in Toronto’s history. I have arbitrarily decided to split the seasons up into relievers and […]

GAME 52 6-4 Win vs. Cincinnati Season Record 25-27 The Toronto Blue Jays are finding their feet. They are starting to play like the team that I expected them to be before the season. They are hitting home runs, playing better defence and the bullpen appears to have righted the ship after a shaky beginning […]

GAME 50 3-1 Loss vs. Texas Season Record 23-27 The 50th game of the season is often used as an arbitrary yard marker for teams, a spot on the schedule marked by both by the fans and by their General Managers as a time to evaluate where their team is currently sitting and what to […]

GAME 49 3-1 Win vs. Texas Season Record: 23-26 Yesterday the Rangers had an advantage in starting pitching and the Blue Jays won anyway. Today, both teams each had their best starters going and despite sitting Troy Tulowitzki and Josh Donaldson, the Blue Jays won anyway. Tomorrow it’s Joe Biagini vs. Andrew Cashner so I […]

GAME 48 7-6 Win vs. Texas Season Record: 22-26 Well, they don’t ask how, they only ask how many. Despite doing everything they could to give this game to the Rangers, the Blue Jays managed to win tonight, ultimately making Troy Tulowitzki and Josh Donaldson’s return to the lineup a happy night at the ballpark. […]

GAME 47 8-4 Win at Milwaukee Season Record: 21-26 Any time you can complete a visit to an opponent’s park without losing a game, it’s a good thing. Any time you can complete a road trip with a winning record, it’s a positive. Any time you can get a game-sealing, no-doubter of a grand slam […]

GAME 46 4-3 Win at Milwaukee Season Record: 20-26 Last week I had the pleasure of seeing a game at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park. It is beautiful architecturally and perfectly located, surrounded by bars and restaurants as well as a beautiful river walk. It feels like it was created with fans in mind. It is exactly […]

GAME 43 5-3 Loss at Baltimore in 10 innings Season Record: 18-25 Well, what would a visit to Baltimore be without the Blue Jays wasting a bunch of early chances, blowing a lead, giving up multiple home runs and then shitting the bed in extra innings to lose a game they could have won three […]