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10 December 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 12: Gotta Make Some Fun Out of This

By // TV

Welcome back to what is finally, finally an absolutely phenomenal episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Hustlers vs Hoo Boy, we have a lot to unpack here so let’s jump right …

30 November 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 10: So It Joes

By // TV

A double episode means a super-sized recap so let’s skip the intros and get to celebrating because this season just got good! Returning to camp after Cole’s exit, Joe is …

23 November 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 9: Your Huddled Masses

By // TV

Welcome back to Survivor 35 and Happy Thanksgiving! Personally, this episode left me stuffed with questions and a little unsatisfied, but overall was a pretty tasty meal, despite losing my …

17 November 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 8: A Lot on Our Plates

By // TV

Welcome back to another frustrating episode of Survivor: HHH, which I believe stands for “Holy Heck, How Did the Editors Think This Episode was Well Put-Together? But more on that …

14 November 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 7: Drop Your Buffs

By // TV

Come on in guys, because we are merged! After the loss of Ali last week, Chrissy and Cole set up their groups in confessional for the impending merge. Chrissy has …

02 November 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 6: Fainting or Feigning?

By // TV

Welcome back to Survivor, where this week we had the first true audience #blindside of the season. I’m not one to read too far into the edit to predict who’s …

27 October 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 5: If I’m Gonna Play, I Wanna Play Big

By // TV

Welcome back to a week of over-caffeinated players and sub-optimal strategy! Let’s sand-slither through it all. One thing I’m loving about this season is the effort on behalf of production …

20 October 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 4: That is Not an Advantage

By // TV

Welcome back! It took us four whole episodes but we’ve finally gotten to a twist that makes the bitter old lady in me come out and wave my cane at …

12 October 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 3: Love Bird Disease

By // TV

Welcome back to Bachelor in Paradise – I mean, Survivor season 35! Hormones and virgins and just a little bit of strategy abound as we cap off the final week …

06 October 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 2: Like Old Paint, Cracked & Fractured

By // TV

Well, Survivor, I’m disappointed but I can’t say I’m surprised. But before we get into this week’s elimination, let’s recap all the goings-on with our heroes, healers, and hustlers. The …

29 September 2017

Survivor 35: Episode One

By // TV

CLICK HERE to read all of Lita’s recaps.  Welcome all to a brand new season of Survivor, where this year’s theme is as forced as Ryan’s witty self-deprecation! I am …

11 August 2017

She Wore the Black Hat: Jerri Manthey & the Legacy of Female Villainy in Reality TV

By // TV

“In the game of Survivor, you’ve gotta switch hats a lot. You gotta wear a white hat part of the time and sometimes you gotta put on the black hat. …

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