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23 September 2012

End of Watch

By // Cinema

With found footage movies on life support, writer and director David Ayer hopes to reanimate the genre with his first-person buddy cop action film, End of Watch. Having written Training …

21 September 2012


By // Cinema

If you’re going to see Nicholas Jarecki’s high finance thriller, Arbitrage, make sure to bring an Economics major with you. For one, he or she could tell you what ‘arbitrage’ …

27 July 2012

TIFF Preview

By // Cinema

TORONTO – On July 24th, Piers Handling, CEO and Director of TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival), and Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director, unveiled some of the films that will headline …

19 June 2012

Safety Not Guaranteed

By // Cinema

In the classified ads section of a local newspaper reads one that says, “Wanted; someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You’ll get paid …

04 May 2012

From Norway: Headhunters

By // Cinema

While American politicians abjectly deride the Scandinavians for being ‘pinko commies’, Hollywood has been taking notice of their considerable cinematic talent, finding every opportunity to import some of their best …

18 April 2012

Hockey: the good, the bad, and the ugly

By // Sports

It’s the Western Conference Quarterfinals. Game one. Nashville leads Detroit 3-2. There’s 5 seconds left in the third. Gaustad and Datsyuk skate to the faceoff circle. The ref drops the …

13 April 2012

“The Horror Film to End All Horror Films”

By // Cinema

Picture this. There’s a group of college kids. They are attractive. One of them has a relative that owns a cottage. It’s in the middle of nowhere. They all hop …

08 April 2012

“The Moth Diaries” Is Not Worth Writing Home About

By // Cinema

Writer-director Mary Harron has proven herself as an accomplished auteur in the realm of the psychological thriller. Having written and directed the cult hit, American Psycho, Harron has proven that …

07 April 2012

Concrete Jungle, More Than Just A Phrase

By // Cinema

Remember the first 30 minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, when the primates encounter the black monolith and begin taking on human attributes and advanced levels of cognitive capability? Well, …

30 March 2012

Battle Royale; Cult Film Royalty

By // Cinema

Here’s a well-known traditional Japanese proverb: “the world sucks”. Filled with deception, greed, and amoral opportunism, honesty and trust have become nothing more than archaic misnomers and fantastical abstractions for …

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