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15 April 2014

A Dog and His Boy: Mr Peabody and Sherman

By // Cinema

Admittedly, I was overly worried going into this film. Thanks to some unflattering trailers, I actually avoided this film for a few weeks. The truth is that the original Rocky …

20 March 2014

Guts, Gore and Not Much More – 300: Rise of an Empire

By // Cinema

*Beware! Lots of spoilers of both the first and second 300 ahead! The first 300 film is one of those that I like but I have a more difficult time …

14 March 2014

Anime Art – From Up On Poppy Hill

By // Cinema

Studio Ghibli is probably the only anime studio that is consistently adored in the West by both its fan base and the critics. It’s one of the few anime studios …

23 February 2014

Not Just Following Instructions – The Lego Movie

By // Cinema

It’s a little difficult to laud praise upon something that is a shamelessly transparent commercial. But seeing as it has a near perfect score everywhere you read about it, I …

10 February 2014

Alexander Payne’s Nebraska: You Can’t Go Home Again

By // Cinema

Nebraska is a slow, quiet movie that revolves around a slow, quiet man. Bruce Dern plays Woody Grant, a confused old man convinced that he has won a million dollars …

09 February 2014

The To-Do List

By // Cinema

Of late, I’ve noted a growing trend of studios releasing successful female-driven comedies. Films like ensemble comedy Bridesmaids, buddy cop comedy The Heat, and coming of age comedy For A …

04 February 2014

Our Favourites: An Offer You Can’t Refuse

By // Cinema

As the film opens, we enter a dimly lit room and join the middle of what is a tale about the virtues and horrors of being an immigrant minority in …

27 January 2014


By // Cinema

Spike Jonze’s latest vehicle is, once again, a movie that fulfills a strong storyline, creates complex characters and will fill audience’s heads with questions. Unlike Where the Wild Things Are, …

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