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24 September 2015

Cops and Robbers – Black Mass

By // Cinema

There is often a complaint about a lot of mobster films in that they glorify organized crime. That is not the case in this dramatic biopic covering the history of …

25 July 2015

Insidious: Franchise Recap and Chapter 3 Review

By // Cinema

Insidious is a franchise that appears to be on the cusp of adding a creative twist to its earlier instalments. Insidious Chapter 3 plays it safe by both following formula …

21 July 2015

Jurassic World

By // Cinema

There’s always a lot of worry when it comes to revisiting a franchise. After a lot of years have gone by and the demand for more has died out, there’s …

20 June 2015

Deconstructing Ex Machina

By // Cinema

Harkening back to sci fi classics such as Forbidden Planet, the majority of Ex Machina is constituted of philosophical discussion and games of verbal chess. These discussions broach many thoughts …

02 June 2015

Gravity Falls: The Inconveniencing

By // TV

Now here’s what I’m talking about. Just five episodes in, and we’ve hit what is one the show’s best episodes. It’s in this episode that the show really starts to …

08 May 2015

Sexually Transmitting Haunting – It Follows

By // Cinema

It Follows has a concept that sounds like it’s from a terrible B movie. An invisible, homicidal creature follows, at an incredibly slow pace, those that have sex with people …

26 April 2015

STUpendous – What We Do In The Shadows

By // Cinema

There are some ideas that are pretty hard to make fresh and interesting. Sitting firmly among those ideas are Mockumentaries and vampire stories. Mockumentaries have been experiencing quite a heyday …

14 April 2015

St. Vincent‘s Comedy Trifecta

By // Cinema

Murray’s most recent starring role does not tread new territory, yet still manages to warm audience’s hearts along the way. Stories about a jerk with a heart of gold who …

08 April 2015

Gravity Falls: The Hand That Rocks The Mabel

By // TV

Here we have the introduction of the show’s first recurring antagonist. During the commercial break of popular show Tiger Fist… They see an ad for live psychic readings done by …

25 February 2015

Kingsman: The Best Bond in Years

By // Cinema

I’ve never had much of a taste for the modern James Bond films. The subpar Brosnan films, followed by the latest batch of serious and cold Craig films, have left …

11 February 2015

Gravity Falls: Headhunters

By // TV

So, now that the show has worked out some of the kinks in its follow-up to the pilot, it has a chance to play around with some different ideas. Here, …

23 January 2015

The Babadook

By // Cinema

The Babadook is an independently made horror film from, almost, first time director Jennifer Kent. She based this film off her prior short film MONSTER, which I can’t really talk …

22 January 2015

Gravity Falls: The Legend of the Gobblewonker

By // TV

Now here’s where the show really takes off. If I actually have any complaints about this episode, it would be that it is almost too joke heavy. That can become …

15 December 2014

Gravity Falls 101 – Tourist Trapped

By // TV

Our season begins with our two protagonists, Mabel and Dipper, already fleeing from some great threat. One key element of this episode that was ditched in later episodes is Dipper’s …

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