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07 December 2019

Inside a Shakespeare-In-Hospitals Performance

By // Theatre (Toronto)

If it’s hard to convince new audiences to give Shakespeare a chance, why not take it to them? Shakespeare-In-Hospitals goes to “traditional and non-traditional theatre spaces” with traditional and non-traditional …

07 December 2019

White Mills’ Christmas Carol at Spadina Museum

By // Theatre (Toronto)

It’s the holiday season which means we get to relive the quintessential secular Christmas story – apparently the only one, again and again. Avid Carolers are spoilt for choice – …

14 November 2019

Dead Parents Society at Buddies

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Usually the premise for a comedy troupe is quaint, maybe a little quizzical. Dead Parents Society answers your first question right away and rejoices in how uncomfortable it makes you. …

28 September 2019

Shaw, ’19: The Glass Menagerie

By // Theatre

In Tennessee Williams’ extensive canon, The Glass Menagerie stands out as the original “memory play”: the work is framed as the hazy recollections of the main character, whose reliability as a …

14 September 2019

Shaw, ’19: Rope

By // Theatre

If staging the perfect murder is hard enough, staging a good murder mystery has its own challenges. With all the mischievousness of its main characters, Patrick Hamilton’s Rope dodges those …

13 September 2019

Stratford, ’19: Henry VIII & Mother’s Daughter

By // Theatre

Shakespeare earned the right to phone it in. It was clear that even his less daring and promising works would be feted beyond their merits – anything bearing his name …

12 September 2019

Stratford, ’19: Private Lives

By // Theatre

If reality TV taught us anything, it’s that there’s little easier to lampoon than the lives of the rich and famous; long before and through the television age, Noel Coward …

11 September 2019

Stratford, ’19: The Neverending Story

By // Theatre

The safest compliment for art is that it knows who it’s for. Stratford’s roster in a given year mostly consists of sober, supposedly thoughtful pieces aimed at some cross-section of …

14 August 2019

SummerWorks, 2019

By // Theatre (Toronto)

805-4821 (A) “805-4821 is a trans coming out story made out of other stories: a dialogue from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a half-remembered swim lesson, and an 80,000 word Facebook correspondence” This …

19 July 2019

Get Lost in the Tape Escape

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The label “immersive” is thrown around carelessly these days; Outside the March is working tirelessly to remind us all just what it means. Their latest project, Tape Escape, takes participants …

10 July 2019

Toronto Fringe, 2019: Part VIII

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Take a look at our full list of 2019 Fringe reviews HERE. Death Ray Cabaret (A-) Second City stalwarts Jordan Armstrong and Kevin Matviw bring a wonderful verve to their free-wheeling …

06 July 2019

Toronto Fringe, 2019: Part II

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Take a look at our full list of 2019 Fringe reviews HERE. The Ballad of Frank Allen (A) “Fringe veterans performing an award-winning show” sets your expectations high; “sci-fi buddy-comedy about …

16 June 2019

The Rise and Fall of Dataman

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Award-winning comedian Ian McIntyre blends the relatable and the absurd in his new revue, The Rise and Fall of Dataman, running for two nights at The Bad Dog Theatre. In …

13 June 2019

LookUp Theatre’s 1855 Toronto Circus Riot

By // Theatre (Toronto)

If you want drunken debauchery, raucous theatrics, or just a good old street fight, Sterling Road isn’t your first destination. That changed this week as Angela’s Murdoch’s 1855 Toronto Circus Riot …

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