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04 November 2014

Dear Elizabeth – A Lyrical Success

By // Theatre (Boston)

There’s something special about seeing a local premiere. Whether the show has previously played out of town or not, seeing it for the first time here in Boston always feels …

17 October 2014

Emilie: A Tour De Effort

By // Theatre (Boston)

Lately I have been a huge fan of Central Square Theatre. Last season’s Sila gave me goose bumps, and I can’t help but admire their unique yet incredibly efficient operating …

03 September 2014

Side Show is coming to Broadway

By // Theatre (Boston)

Recently, I had occasion to see the pre-Broadway production of Bill Condon’s new revival of Side Show the Musical at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. With the recent announcement …

01 September 2014

Les Not-So-Misérables

By // Theatre (Boston)

To this point, I have successfully avoided all local production of Les Mis. When the right to perform the mega-hit musical became available last summer, some ten producing organizations within …

31 August 2014

C1’s Astro Boy Takes Off

By // Theatre (Boston)

I’m a fan of weird shit. Honestly. I love when artists can take the strangest, quirkiest little spaces, mount engaging, innovative, and bizarre work, and somehow connect with their audience …

03 August 2014

Creative License: A Successful World Premiere

By // Theatre (Boston)

Actor, director, and now writer, Kevin Cirone has been toiling away for over two years now, working on his new musical Creative License, which premiered last weekend at The Davis …

30 July 2014

Is He Dead? Has a Faint but Steady Pulse…

By // Theatre (Boston)

By all counts, Is He Dead? should have been a side-splittingly funny night of well-produced theater. Vokes Players has been putting up some consistently strong productions lately, and with Laura …

07 June 2014

Guerilla Opera Is One Brave Rooster

By // Theatre (Boston)

Upon arriving at the Zack Box Theatre at The Boston Conservatory, we were told that the house would not be opening until about 5 minutes prior to the performance time. …

28 May 2014

Still Waiting For Next Fall

By // Theatre (Boston)

Earlier this season, my colleague Brian Balduzzi reviewed Hovey Players’ production of Geoffrey Nauffts’ Next Fall and had very little good to say of that production. So, one would hope that …

25 May 2014

Good Television, Okay Theatre

By // Theatre (Boston)

I love reality television. I do. I’ll watch Real Housewives of just about any city (except for Miami), and, if it’s on Bravo, I’ll probably watch it (except for Millionaire …

25 May 2014

Glass is Fragile

By // Theatre (Boston)

I think it must be hard to have the guts to choose to produce The Glass Menagerie, given the recent success of American Repertory Theatre’s production* and that that production just …

17 May 2014

Sila Will Make You Hold Your Breath

By // Theatre (Boston)

The moment I walked into the Central Square Theater, I knew that I was in for a special treat. The upstage walls of the incredibly versatile black box were all …

14 May 2014

Something’s Afoot Has Two Left Feet

By // Theatre (Boston)

Here’s the thing: I had never seen Something’s Afoot. I had never even heard of it and I don’t think that many people have. Written by James McDonald, David Vos, …

05 February 2014

Woodland Wins the Bee

By // Theatre (Boston)

Somehow, I have managed to avoid seeing a production of The 25th Annual Putnam Counting Spelling Bee, despite the innumerable local productions over the last few seasons in Boston. The …

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