20 January 2020

Howland’s New Casimir & Caroline

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Casimir and Caroline opens on a balcony. No…. more than that. The play opens on a balcony at a corporate office party while the heads of corporate are in fact up …

03 September 2019

2019 at the Shaw Festival

By // Theatre

After I saw Brigadoon, the Shaw Festival’s magical staging of a reimagined classic musical, I right away sat down to write about the experience. At least for me, the night …

06 October 2016

Soulpepper’s Fall, 2016

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Noises Off Did we need another 70s-set backstage theatre farce mere months after Jitters? No. But Soulpepper’s production of Noises Off made me laugh louder and with more obnoxious uncontainable …

20 February 2016

MyTheatre Award Nominee: Q&A w/ Ravi Jain

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Before we announce the winners of the 2015 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. One of only three artists this year to be nominated in the same …

07 October 2015

La Musica at the Young Vic

By // Theatre (London)

Its language and rhythms belong more to the French New Wave than a stage, yet La Musica has some inspired instances. Within it, we get to know a couple about …

28 September 2015

It’s Spring Again on Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

As I toiled at my college dorm desk in December of 2006, cursing my political science methodology thesis, my classmates were breaking dorm policy by blaring music during quiet hours. …

07 August 2015

Shaw Must-See: The Divine

By // Theatre

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt was the last production I saw this year at the Shaw Festival (I’m reviewing out of order because this simply couldn’t wait). Before …

05 June 2015

Soulpepper’s Spring, 2015

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Bedroom Farce Soulpepper isn’t trying to hide the fact that this is their “something nice and easy for the subscribers” show of the year. Artistic director Albert Schultz all but …

07 May 2015

On Stage in TO: Big Stages

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Tom at the Farm (Buddies in Bad Times) This gorgeous and disturbing piece of personal theatre from Canadian playwright Michel Marc Bouchard is one of the first truly great productions …

07 May 2015

Gaining Something In Translation

By // Books

Montréal is one of my favourite cities to visit. Perhaps it’s the surreal experience of walking down a city street, not entirely unlike a Toronto street, and seeing familiar corporate …

27 February 2015

Spiel’s Mixed Bag Double Bill

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The two one-act plays that make up Spiel Players’ double bill- currently playing as part of Fraser Studios’ 2015 indie season- are both new adaptations of strange, challenging work from radical …

13 September 2014

Soulpepper’s Current Class: Tartuffe & The Crucible

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Soulpepper Academy is one of the most consistent breeding grounds for up and coming theatre artists in the country. Albert Schultz’s proven eye for talent and an excellent combination …

08 April 2013

My Theatre Award Nominee: Q&A with Gord Rand

By // Theatre

Before we announce the winners of the 2012 My Theatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Gord Rand was the translator and enigmatic performer behind one of the …

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