21 March 2016

MyTheatre Award Nominee: Q&A w/ David N. Rogers

By // Theatre (Boston)

Before we announce the winners of the 2015 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Boston is the only MyTheatre branch that has a category for Best Dramaturgical …

02 March 2016

MyTheatre Award Nominee: Q&A w/ Chris Larson

By // Theatre (Boston)

Before we announce the winners of the 2015 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Chris Larson is nominated for Best Actor his role as Philo …

21 June 2015

Flat Earth Theatre Takes us to Sorkinland

By // Theatre (Boston)

Life isn’t a movie script. Or a TV show, for that matter. But anyone who has spent time in the mind of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin knows stories can be well …

26 December 2014

What Kind of Day Has it Been?

By // TV

When an Aaron Sorkin TV show reaches the end of its first season, an episode titled “What Kind of Day Has it Been” signals the end, for now. Shots rang …

25 November 2014

The Newsroom: “Run” & “Main Justice”

By // TV

I was at a friend’s bachelorette party in New York when the second episode of The Newsroom‘s final season aired and I thus found myself in an unfamiliar situation- hearing …

11 November 2014

The Newsroom: Act Three

By // TV

Mere months have passed in ACN’s world since we left The Newsroom. That was election night, November 6th 2012 (September 2013 for us). Will and Mac were engaged, Sloan and …

04 July 2014

A Rant re: Creator Guilt

By // TV

Back in April, Entertainment Weekly published a story about the Tribeca Film Festival. Apparently Oscar winner, Emmy winner and inspiration to writers and politicians the world over, Aaron Sorkin, took …

27 August 2013

The Newsroom: Genoa

By // TV

“Red Team III” was the first episode of The Newsroom that was truly great. Not just Sorkin-is-a-better-writer-than-most-people good or even wow-that-was-entertaining-and-impressive good like some of the best episodes in this …

12 August 2013

The Newsroom: Women’s News

By // TV

People really like to call Aaron Sorkin sexist. Now, I’ve shared on many occasions my firm belief that his often weakly drawn female characters have entirely more to do with …

29 July 2013

The Newsroom 203 “Willie Pete”

By // TV

The third episode of The Newsroom‘s second season mostly moved along developing plots: the Genoa tip is gaining in credibility, Maggie is preparing for her (doomed) trip to Africa, Jim …

20 July 2013

The Newsroom: Season Two Premiere

By // TV

The second season of HBO’s loved and loathed Aaron Sorkin drama The Newsroom begins with a toned-down, piano-heavy version of last year’s rousing theme song. Instead of the reverent images …

24 July 2012

The Newsroom: “Amen”

By // TV

This week’s installment of The Newsroom was my favourite since the pilot. With a news story big enough to force intensity, Will and Mack set aside their monumental issues at …

10 July 2012

The Newsroom: “The 112th Congress”

By // TV

The third episode of The Newsroom is essentially a six-month montage detailing how Will, Mackenzie and Co. covered the events leading up to the November 2010 mid-term elections (they downplayed …

03 July 2012

The Newsroom: “News Night 2.0”

By // TV

Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom is not exactly popular with people who talk about television- most are bugged by the hyperstylized idealism, the show’s nostalgic insistence, and Sorkin’s own contentious personality. But …

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