31 July 2013

This Week’s #1: The Weeknd- “Love In The Sky”

By // Music

I’m personally a huge fan of Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd and a lot of the music he’s produced in the last two years. The extremely poignant tracks he releases …

17 March 2013

Molly Wagger- “Stoneclouds”

By // Music

Scottish folktronica outfit Molly Wagger gained quiet but consistently positive recognition for their 2011 debut, Flambeaux.  The record is a heady brew of subdued electronic texture and warm, rich emotion; certainly, it is more …

07 March 2013

Things That Make Me Melt #2: Insect Ark – “Symbols”

By // Music

Chills run up and down my spine. My ego says “fuck this man, I’m out of here”! The pressure builds in my ears as the instrumental drones of Insect Ark’s …

05 December 2012

They Will Take My Island by Robert Martin

By // Music

Modern classical music is primarily a consort of the modern musical elite, with little to no basis in consumer demand.  It is more often than not the product of a …

16 November 2012

Things That Make Me Melt #1: WAZU – “Ghost Years”

By // Music

I was walking through the grocery store the first time I heard “Ghost Years” by the minimal-electro-glam-darkwave group WAZU. I melted when the guitars came in. They shimmer on both …

22 October 2012

This Week’s #1: The Weeknd – “Wicked Games”

By // Music

Abel Tesfaye has been around long enough to be selling out shows but you still might not know who he is or why people (see John Norris of MTV) are …

14 October 2012

This Week’s Number One: Deftones – “Tempest”

By // Music

Deftones have been creating music since ’88 and haven’t had a single line-up change until tragedy struck their bassist Chi Cheng in 2008 (he’s been recovering at home as of the latest news, …

08 October 2012

This Week’s Number One: Adele- “Skyfall”

By // Music

This week, I thought we’d try something new and introduce a new feature that focuses solely on a song. Yeah, album releases lend themselves to more dissection but sometimes, a …

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