06 November 2018

Pickle Jar by Maddie Rice at Soho Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

After a run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Maddie Rice brings her comedic one woman show Pickle Jar, directed and developed by Katie Pesskin, to the Soho Theatre in London and …

17 September 2016

RashDash’s Two Man Show at the Soho Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

I have to write this review with an extra level of care. Not a fear of offence; I want get across the show’s provocative manner, after all. But I’m extra-conscious …

09 September 2016

Belarus Free Theatre’s Burning Doors

By // Theatre (London)

‘The Pussy Riot performances cannot be reduced just to subversive provocations. Beneath the dynamics of their acts, there is the inner stability of a firm ethico-political attitude. In some deeper …

05 September 2016

Soho Theatre’s Unfaithful at Found111

By // Theatre (London)

Typical off-West End, though you’d expect Soho Theatre to programme something more enticing (and I’m definitely enticed by Burning Doors). Writer Owen McCafferty and Director Adam Penford’s Unfaithful is of …

16 July 2016

Fury at the Soho Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Empathy is what defines Medea, a play that in its nervy, Hellenic way justifies filicide. Any adaptation will carry this legacy, from expressionism to the kitchen sink. Fury, by Soho’s …

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