19 November 2019

Author Spotlight Series: Kevin Patterson

By // Books

The Author Spotlight Series shines a light on writers creating heartfelt and original work across genres, giving them an opportunity to talk about their books and why they do what …

21 December 2018

Crude Blessings by T.M.”Roe” Patterson

By // Books

Crude Blessings: The Amazing Life Story of Glenn Patterson, American Oilman is written by Patterson’s Roe. Glenn isn’t famous, though he was successful. He didn’t accomplish great feats of endurance, work towards …

31 October 2018

The Spirit of the Trail

By // Books

The Spirit of the Trail by Carrie Morgridge with Ross Sellers is an account of the 46 day bicycle journey undertaken by Morgridge and her husband John in the summer …

12 July 2018

Art by the Book: Beginning Color Mixing

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Kimberly Adams’ Beginning Color Mixing: Tips and Techniques for Mixing Vibrant Colors and Cohesive Palettes is a fantastic book for new artists wanting to learn more about color in a way that …

22 June 2018

Art by the Book: Practical Calligraphy

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George Thomson’ s Practical Calligraphy is a small book full of big ideas. It introduces the history and uses of calligraphy in straightforward and inspiring ways, from ancient Mesopotamia, through …

02 November 2015

November 2015: Relevant Reads

By // Books

This month, I’m rolling up my sleeves and plunging into two plays and two books that will recharge my critical batteries. These four brief choices will come as a relief …

14 October 2015

October 2015: Relevant Reads

By // Books

Greetings, humans. We have genre variety this month to keep your reading palate happy. Two novels, two biographies, a collection of essays about America’s most famous playwright, and a collection …

14 April 2015

Peeking Behind the Curtain: Blue-Collar Broadway

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Broadway. The term, encompassing both an urban location and the style of theater produced therein, is so familiar, so loaded with rich cultural history, that we almost can’t conceive of …

19 February 2015

God Is Not One

By // Books

When I heard about the shootings at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, I immediately thought of the religion scholar Stephen Prothero. More specifically, I thought about his book …

16 January 2015

Fabi’s Top Reads of 2014

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Everyone loves lists, and at the end of the year there is no lack of Top Lists that reflect on and revamp our cultural excitement about the past twelve months. …

04 August 2014

A Neophyte Dog Lover’s Journey w/ Travels with Casey

By // Books

I’ve become a dog person. There, I said it, and I joined the millions of Americans (as well as others around the world) who worship their dogs. My boyfriend has …

03 August 2014

The Promise of a Pencil – Adam Braun

By // Books

After every great non-fiction book I find myself saying, “that was the best non-fiction book I’ve read in a long time”. However, after finishing The Promise of a Pencil by …

01 July 2014

Flash Boys by Michael Lewis

By // Books

“The U.S. financial markets had always been either corrupt or about to be corrupted,” writes Michael Lewis in his new book Flash Boys. The shadow-casting book about high frequency traders …

13 June 2014

How to Think Like a Freak

By // Books

From the authors of the book and equally popular podcast, Freakonomics, Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt have released their third book, Think Like a Freak. While the first two books …

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