26 September 2011

Playing Moneyball with Pitt, Hill, Hoffman and Pratt

By // Cinema

I knew I would like Moneyball. I was hoping it wouldn’t suck but I was fairly certain I’d love it either way. The following are the reasons: – My idol …


28 July 2009

Star Pitchers and their TV Taste

By // Sports

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle brought some insight to David Letterman tonight with his list of “The Top Ten Things That Went Through Mark Buehrle’s Mind During His Perfect …

14 July 2009

Must-See Sports TV

By // Sports

It’s rare that I would ever direct you lovely readers towards watching sports instead of regularly scheduled programming but I will make an exception for tomorrow night’s event. Even if …

23 June 2009

Another Dose of Obsessions This Week

By // TV

– Ryan Reynolds – Big Loveseason 3 (with special love for Amanda Seyfried and Chloe Sevigny) – Neurotic Reid, puppy dog Michael and magnetic Kiptyn on The Bachelorette – Blue …


11 May 2009


By // TV

Emma Stone– She was the saving grace of the underwhelming Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, a highlight of The House Bunny and played one of the only relatable characters in Superbad. …

14 April 2009

Early Obsessions

By // TV

There’s lots to be excited about this week, so I’m getting a jump on “Obsessions” (as well as making up for almost never writing this feature, when it’s supposed to …

28 January 2009


By // TV

Tara’s Family supportive husband Max, somewhat rebellious daughter Kate and sweet son Marshall are the perfect compliment to the central craziness in United States of Tara. Scrubs The new season is very sweet. The …

06 November 2008

Obsessions/Complaints of the Week: Oct 30-Nov 5

By // TV

OBSESSIONS OF THE WEEK BARACK OBAMA, The Presidential Election and The American People. I’m the proudest Canadian you will ever find, at least in Boston. But last night I found myself …

30 October 2008

Angry Objections of the Week

By // TV

I’m not very impressed with the world at this very moment. So, though I am slightly obsessed with Chuck Bass, Netflix and BU Shakespeare Society’s Twelfth Nightthis week, I will …

11 September 2008

A New Batch of Obsessions

By // TV

Dylan Moran Known to most as the guy with the book down his trousers from Notting Hill, Dylan Moran is probably the best standup comedian I’ve ever heard. My friend Mack, who …

21 August 2008

Obsessions of Two Weeks

By // TV

OK, after a week off for a family emergency, I’m back and trying to make up for lost time with a double dose of weekly obsessions… Avenue Q I just …

28 July 2008

A Forgotten Obsession

By // TV

I forgot to add one of the most important obsessions of my week… Justin Timberlake hosting the ESPYS. Now I’m not a particular Justin fan and there’s really only 1 …


25 June 2008

A New Feature: My Top Ten Obsessions of the Week (maybe TV related, maybe not)

By // TV

10. My epic facebook TV debate with Rachael from “I watch movies then talk about them”. Daily we exchange ideas on topics ranging from our favourite TV sidekicks to which female …

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