BARACK OBAMA, The Presidential Election and The American People. I’m the proudest Canadian you will ever find, at least in Boston. But last night I found myself insanely jealous of my American friends. Not only was their election a celebration the scale of which Canada has never seen, but they now have a leader unlike anyone has ever seen. I wished that I could live under Obama’s inspiring leadership and I wished that I’d had a vote in electing him. And I was proud, I was proud of the country I live in 8 months out of the year, the country who can’t even seem to vote for the right person to win So You Think You Can Dance, I was proud that they got it right when it really mattered.

THE CANCELLATION OF VALENTINE. The world (The CW especially) needs Valentine, if only to combat some of the unromantic, cheese-less ideals that are so prevalent on TV today. I resent the modern notion that if it’s corny it can’t be good, isn’t cool or deserves to be laughed at. Sentimentality is vastly underrated and I will miss Valentine dearly for the its sweetness.

AJ BURNETT. How dare he opt out of the final 2 years of his contract with the Jays! We need AJ, he’s tough and talented and cool and entertaining as hell and with the fates of Marcum and McGowan up in the air medically, we need someone with AJ’s strikeout power on the mound come the spring.

NO MARSHALL. Why didn’t Marshall get to tell a story in this week’s episode of  How I Met Your Mother. We got to hear from Barney, Lily and Robin but Marshall got left behind. I miss my favourite 6 foot 4 Minnesotan.