It’s rare that I would ever direct you lovely readers towards watching sports instead of regularly scheduled programming but I will make an exception for tomorrow night’s event.
Even if you’re not a baseball fan, tomorrow night’s All-Star game is sure to be worth the watch. Starting at 8pm on FOX, tune in to see the best of the best battle it out for the World Series home stadium advantage.
You, as a My TV reader, are obligated to root for the American League team. Not only does their starting lineup boast 2 of my favourite athletes of all time (Blue Jays Roy Halladay and Aaron Hill will be pitching and playing second base respectively to start the game) but 3 of my fantasy league players are starting: Aaron Hill (again, he’s my favourite), Derek Jeter (Yankees shortstop) and Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay 3rd baseman). Not only that, but with me as an avid Jays fan and Rachael as a member of Red Sox Nation, we at My TV are ALEast all the way- so you should be too.

Doc takes the mound at 8pm on FOX- watch it!