There’s lots to be excited about this week, so I’m getting a jump on “Obsessions” (as well as making up for almost never writing this feature, when it’s supposed to be weekly).

MY BOYS: last week’s episode had me in stitches. I couldn’t be happier that it’s back.

BETTER OFF TED: still loving it.

THE BLUE JAYS: a 6-2 record right out of the gate. So much for low expectations!


SEINFELD on DVD: it’s a refreshing show to come back to once in awhile. Oh how I love the 90s.

THE BACKSTREET BOYS: and speaking of the 90s, my favourite 90s boys are all over my facebook page with frequent updates for their fans, reminding us that they might still be relevant.

FANTASY BASEBALL on The List Draft gave me tons of great players according to my personal rankings and after only 1 game I’m more than 20 points ahead of everyone in my league- boo ya.

THE UNITED STATES OF TARA FINALE: it was lovely- go watch it.

MARIA SCHNEIDER’s “THE PRETTY ROAD”: her whole repertoire is lovely but this one will always be my favourite.

ADVENTURELAND: I went into it with an open mind and no expectations and found it to be moving, honest, timely and unique.

SETH ROGEN: easily the best thing about Monsters vs. Aliens

ROBIN & BARNEY: Marshall and Lily think it’s perfect… because it is.

RE-WATCHING ALIAS: Man, that was such a cool show.

JOHN CORBETT: United States of Tara+ Sex & the City reruns+ my rediscovery of how much I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding= serious Corbett loving.

THE DUCK CHEER: may I remind everyone how fun it is to quack like a mighty duck.

MACKERS: how do I love the Scottish Play? Let me count the ways.

SICK IZZIE: let’s call it a character renaissance for Izzie, Alex and even George.

LOST IN THE 70s: for some reason I find this very engaging.

THE GLEE PROMO: “Don’t Stop Believin”- I already love this show soooooo much. Why does it have to be on FOX?

TOM AND KARA ON HIGH SCHOOL REUNION: my two favourites reunited, how sweet!

THE CHILDREN OF EDEN SOUNDTRACK: Steven Schwartz is a god.

SAM & TODD: I like where this is going and how long it’s taking to get there

PAM BEASLEY: way to move up in the world, next time try moving out of the paper industry.