Kelly Bedard

Taylor Swift released a surprise new album this week. folklore was entirely written and produced through Covid quarantine and comes less than a year after Lover, which was itself a revelation of reinvention, or at least a coming home of sorts for an artist who always thrived on open-hearted romanticism but whose musical response to […]

About a year ago, I bought a sweet record cabinet from an elderly lady off Kijiji. Along with it came a whole whack of records, all of which I kept. …

  Elizabeth Moss

You’re a cool kid. You’ve got a rad costume, a killer apartment with a bottle opener attached to the wall, and at least 8 friends. So, naturally, you’re going to throw a Halloween party, right? Well, to do that you’re going to need a playlist as spooky as the fake eyeballs in the punch bowl. […]

  Anya Wassenberg

When you write about music, you quickly become aware that it’s impossible to talk about all the truly great music out there that is released on a daily basis – there aren’t enough hours in the day. Like most music and entertainment writers , my inbox receives far too many great leads to check them […]

  Greg Dalgetty

A lot of people probably think I’m too young to be a Ramones fan. I’m 30 now, which means I was about 12 when the Ramones broke up in 1996. I discovered the Ramones around that time and fell in love with them, but I never got to see them perform. Going to concerts was […]

  Kevin Dillon

In recent years the music industry has become a competitive game.  Artists/musicians are consistently trying to out do other artists, including themselves.  Sometimes the game becomes too much for some people, in fact I believe the music industry moves at the fastest pace, preventing artists from taking a break or irrelevance may take hold.  The […]