Kelly Bedard

Did you know that one man owns the rights to Batman? Michael Uslan has executive produced every Batman film (including animation!) since 1989. Then he wrote a memoir. And now it’s headed to Broadway! We chatted with Michael in the press room at San Diego Comic-Con about his brilliant Bat-life and the journey to the Great White Way. 

  Hilary Smith

A memoir from a Mormon woman raised in Idaho by fundamentalist parents, who survived a violent childhood and sub-par homeschooling and managed to attain a PhD. Interesting logline, right? I was excited to read about this; it’s obviously a fascinating journey. But Tara Westover is not Jeanette Walls. This story is less an account of […]

  Laura Anne Harris

For a year I anticipated the release of my friend Andrea Werhun’s memoir Modern Whore, about her experience working as a sex worker in a Toronto escort service. I was excited because I knew my friend as a particularly hilarious performer so I was sure her book would explore a humorous and complex approach to […]

  Kelly Bedard

I’m embarrassed to admit it took me a shockingly long time to catch on. I noticed the “mostly true story” disclaimer at the top of the film and processed that the main character was a playwright but when Dom Cooper showed up after I’d already been introduced to Frances de la Tour as a kind-hearted […]

  Fabiana Cabral

This month, I’m rolling up my sleeves and plunging into two plays and two books that will recharge my critical batteries. These four brief choices will come as a relief after the doorstoppers I recommended last month. Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman All My Sons was the play that finally launched Arthur Miller’s sterling […]

  Fabiana Cabral

I first saw Fufu and Oreos in a staged reading. Obehi Janice performed her one-woman creative memoir at Company One’s 2014 XX PlayLab, only slightly hindered by carrying a binder-script and lacking props. The piece piqued my interest, and I was looking forward to seeing it fully produced. Bridge Repertory Theater has taken it up: […]

  Saiya Floyd

If you’ve been following the lead up to ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat premiere, as I have, you will have witnessed quite the spectacle. When the first promo dropped some time last year, the actual premiere date was left vague. It eventually was scheduled for a mid-season premiere in February of 2015. A lot of […]

I’ve become a dog person. There, I said it, and I joined the millions of Americans (as well as others around the world) who worship their dogs. My boyfriend has an agreeable and adorable Cava-Poo (a King Charles Cavalier and Poodle mix) that is impossible not to love. But like looking at a newborn-adopted baby […]