01 July 2018

Luminato 2018: Malpaso Dance Theatre

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Sitting in the audience of a dance performance, feeling fully enveloped by the movement, is one of the most delicious experiences I can think of. The Cuban based Malpaso Dance …

26 June 2018

A Square’s Journey through Luminato 2018

By // Theatre (Toronto)

A theme you will find in my reviews of Luminato shows is that I tend to feel like the festival is not really for me. I have fairly conventional theatre …

19 June 2018

Luminato 2018: Swan Lake/Loch na hEala

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Luminato 2018 promised to interrogate the issues of human-rights, justice and inclusion, and Swan Lake/Loch na hEala does not disappoint with its dark themes of loss—of innocence, of purpose, and …

27 June 2017

Luminato 2017: Bearing

By // Theatre (Toronto)

This dance-opera conceived and designed by co-directors Michael Greyeyes and Yvette Nolan and librettist Spy Denommé-Welch investigates the emotional history and contemporary cultural significance of Canada’s residential school system. The …

16 June 2014

Luminato Wrap-Up, 2014

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Cineastas I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this Spanish-language exploration of the lives of filmmakers but what I found was a profoundly moving and wonderfully inventive piece of …

25 June 2013

At Luminato: Chamber Magic

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The reason I chose Chamber Magic as one of the few Luminato shows to review this year was that it promised to be simply enjoyable in a way that most …

18 June 2013

At Luminato: The Life and Death of the Artist as Idol

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In North America for the first time as well as opening the first night of Toronto’s Luminato festival, The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic is a beautiful and strange …

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