Mike Strizic

Mount Kimbie and Squarepusher- DANFORTH MUSIC HALL, Nov. 2 Staying relevant is difficult for modern musicians.  Ubiquitous online scrutiny coupled with the limitless ability to release and re-release material has created a musical landscape where rapid change is not only expected, it is demanded; this is particularly true of electronic acts.  Genres and sub-genres emerge, embellish […]

This week I went out to Glasslands to catch The Ice Choir and Craft Spells. The show was put together by PopGun, a Brooklyn based booking agency. The bill worked well with two different era kind of bands. There was a third band that opened called Ski Lodge, but I didn’t arrive in time. I […]

  Mic Raygun

Omar Thomas Large Ensemble took the stage at Berklee Performance Center on July 25th to a packed house. This was Thomas’s second concert at BPC with his 18 piece jazz ensemble since becoming a faculty member at Berklee College of Music in 2008 at the age of 23- making him one of the youngest professors […]

  Teresa Di Matteo

For some, music is a religion and concerts and festivals are the pilgrimages we make in order to satisfy our faith; they are a rite of passage. This is why I am proud to say that I have entered into that rite of passage right here in the center of Canada’s biggest music city during […]

  Teresa Di Matteo

If you happen to be in the area, or happen to be making your way to the area, the North by Northeast Festival and Conference (NXNE) 2012 certainly promises to be damn good time. Coming into its 18th year, NXNE has drawn in over 300,000 people during the span of seven days, packing serious music […]

  Kelly Bedard

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra is a sensational ensemble as a whole. Though its population (and, notably, its audience) is ageing, the vibrancy of music director Peter Oundjian’s baton keeps them at a performance level on par with their technical achievements. In the early February concert series featuring Beethovan’s Emperor Concerto and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10, […]