08 January 2011

2010 in Reality TV: the other stuff

By // TV

The Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Top Chef, Project Runway and The Bachelor dominate my TV season by airing at least 2 …


04 March 2010

Top of the Class

By // TV

Tonight was the finale of one of my guiltiest TV obsessions: High School Reunion on TV Land. Now that prom is over, there are just a few classmates who really …

24 March 2009

Things I Don’t Care About

By // TV

Anything to do with Ryan Walker. The big haired manipulative brat is possibly the worst thing to ever come out of a Berlanti show. He’s badly written, REALLY badly cast and …

05 March 2009

Bullies Bullies Everywhere

By // TV

High School Reunionthis week was possibly some of the most aggravatingly real drama I’ve ever seen on TV. It was a true testament to the fact that there are 2 sides to …

26 February 2009

My Current (and shameful) Obsession

By // TV

I have no reasonable explanation for this but I’ve recently taken to watching incredibly bad TV shows on a regular basis. It started with Big Brother and One Tree Hill. …


20 February 2009

Highschool Reunion Confuses Me

By // TV

I vaguely remember loving Highschool Reunion the first time it aired, back in 2003; what isn’t fun about watching the former nerd finally get a shot with the head cheerleader …

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