Tonight was the finale of one of my guiltiest TV obsessions: High School Reunion on TV Land. Now that prom is over, there are just a few classmates who really left an impression:

Charming ladies man Marcel, who could have gone to prom with any girl in the house, chose to invite Eric as his date so the former closet case could finally have his dream prom. In absence of Eric’s husband, Marcel proved himself the chillest straight man in the world by fulfilling Eric’s dream of going to prom with a man. He was charming, fun and inclusive throughout the whole season and, despite being from a rival highschool, earned a spot as my favourite Chaperelle HS classmate.

Antanus’ “arc” on the show may have been to say goodbye to his ladies’ man days and finally propose to his girlfriend but what the thoughtful golden boy proved was that sometimes the most popular kid in school can also be the sweetest, the football star can also be top of the class and that the star of the show can be the lowest key in the place.

“Teacher’s Pet” Tracey wasn’t a favourite of mine for the most part but her low maintenance/high spirits combination was an incredibly positive force in the house. Despite her penultimate episode blowup, the reunion’s prom queen was a rare stable presence on the show. She was also a rare character in that she wasn’t the popular girl or the pretty one, she was an outsider but she found a way to enjoy high school anyway, and it’s just that sort of attitude that I liked in her.

Tracey’s golden hearted prom date Justin came to the reunion as a rival to ruin it but ended up as the school saviour. He stood up to bullies, he rescued those in distress, he talked sense into the crazy and kept the house at peace, all the while playing Marcel’s wingman and giving Tracey the opportunity to go to prom with the hottest guy in the house.

and finally, “the hot girl” Lisette transcended her label. Coming in as one of 2 “summer girls” to be framed as the cliquey villains of the season, Lisette only once seemed to fill her snobbish role (during the clearly producer-driven party invite distribution). The rest of the time she included everyone, tried to connect with new people and generally seemed kind and sympathetic. Pretty? Yes. Polished? Yes. But snobby? I don’t think so.