Tom McGee

As a long-time Midnight Madness viewer at TIFF, I’m always surprised to find a horror film screening in the main festival (under Contemporary World Cinema) but given the tremendous cinematography and complex, if somewhat under-utilized, psychological study underlying Paco Plaza’s supernatural thriller, it makes sense that Verónica was deemed fit for a wider audience. If […]

  Saiya Floyd

The Handmaiden is a tautly executed new thriller from Park Chan-wook.* Set in Japanese-occupied Korea, it tells the story of Sook-hee, a young woman who is hired to serve Lady Hideko, a woman who lives with her eccentric uncle in an isolated manor. But all is not what it seems; Sook-hee is secretly working with […]

  Kelly Bedard

For the past two years, I’ve been ranking every film I see- just the new releases, from January 1st to December 31st. The rankings are subjective, based entirely on how much I enjoyed and/or connected with or appreciated the film rather than on some sort of objective artistic criteria. Basically, this is a list of […]

  Kelly Bedard

I saw 90 movies in 2013 (or shortly thereafter, if we’re being honest- I don’t know how anyone is expected to see all the Christmas releases in one week!). 90 is a lot of movies, or at least it is for me (I head up My Theatre and My TV, My Cinema is Rachael’s problem). […]

  Joel Merritt

Studio Ghibli is probably the only anime studio that is consistently adored in the West by both its fan base and the critics. It’s one of the few anime studios that has a good enough track record to even be mentioned in mainstream media. Of course, a good part of that has to do with […]

The Spanish phenomena in filmmaking, Pedro Almodovar, who has received a worldwide recognition for his string of masterpieces: All About My Mother (1999), Talk to Her (2002), Volver (2006), Broken Embraces (2009), etc. cheers up his followers with one, bizarre as ever, film parody I’m So Excited!  Essential in their graphic explorations of sexuality, Almodovar’s […]

  Nevena Nenova

One of the most respected figures in world cinema today, Hungarian film auteur Bela Tarr- known for his distinctive highly stylized black and white long takes, apocalyptic stories and melancholic rhythm enhanced by a dramatic score from Mihaly Vig-  delights his audience with one last hypnotizing cinematic experience The Turin Horse (2011). Embodying the cinematic […]

  Nevena Nenova

Take a box of tissues and leave your grandparents at home, Michael Haneke is in town! The Austrian writer/director who brought us The Piano Teacher (2001), Cache (2005), and the critically acclaimed 2010 Golden Globe Best Foreign Film winner The White Ribbon (2009), makes a return with another darker-than-ever psychological family drama, Amour (2012). The film- […]