28 September 2013

Pilot Watch: The Crazy Ones

By // TV

There are TV actors, and there are movie actors. TV actors were second class talents who dreamed of making it through the glass ceiling into films. Many tried, most failed, …

20 September 2013

Season Two Premiere: The Mindy Project

By // TV

I’m not sure why I love The Mindy Project so much. It’s not the hang-out sitcom perfection of New Girl, the pulsating heart and comedic absurdity of Parks and Rec, …

10 July 2012

The Newsroom: “The 112th Congress”

By // TV

The third episode of The Newsroom is essentially a six-month montage detailing how Will, Mackenzie and Co. covered the events leading up to the November 2010 mid-term elections (they downplayed …

03 July 2012

The Newsroom: “News Night 2.0”

By // TV

Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom is not exactly popular with people who talk about television- most are bugged by the hyperstylized idealism, the show’s nostalgic insistence, and Sorkin’s own contentious personality. But …

01 July 2012

Korra Diary: The Season Finale

By // TV

First Things First: If you’ve been watching the show and thinking… “meh,” last episode was aptly titled because THE TIDE WAS TURNING, YO! The episode was nuttier, funnier, dramatic-er, stupidly …

16 June 2012

Korra Diary: Out of the Past

By // TV

I know. I’m late, I’m late for a very important date, blah blah blah. And I am sorry about that (despite the “blah, blah, blah’s,” my commitment to Korra is …

14 June 2012

Season Wrap Up: Mad Men

By // TV

Matthew Weiner said that this season of Mad Men was about the unhappiness at the center of contentment. The season finale, “Phantom,” dealt with this idea explicitly – making that …

22 May 2012

Korra Diary: The Aftermath

By // TV

For the newbs: Hi, nice to meet you! This is my Korra diary, where I journal all of my crazy capslocks THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about the latest episode of The …

22 May 2012

The Reichenbach Fall

By // TV

Okay Sherlockians. Holmies? Fans of BBC’s brilliant Sherlock, it’s time for the final episode of series 2, ‘The Reichenbach Fall’. We open with John sitting in a therapy session. His …

22 May 2012

The Prince of Winterfell

By // TV

Last night’s Game of Thrones focused a lot on a character who I think gets thoroughly shafted in the books*: Robb Stark. Since he’s not a point of view character, …

17 May 2012

Mad Men’s Dark Shadows

By // TV

This week’s episode of Mad Men (both amusingly and aptly named “Dark Shadows”) was concerned with hunger. Don’s lack of hunger at work, a byproduct of the complacency of happiness, …

11 May 2012

“The Old Gods and the New”

By // TV

This episode was almost entirely invented. It all works, obviously, within the confines of the book, but I found the fact that most of it was made up for the …

10 May 2012

Lazy Lazarus

By // TV

I picked a hell of a week to be too busy to write. Last week’s episode was one of my all time favorites, a roller coaster ride of surprising highs …

07 May 2012

Sherlock and the Woman

By // TV

Sherlock’s back in the US! After Peter’s awesome review of Series 2, everyone is excited, right? Here is a spoiler-heavy recap of “Scandal in Belgravia”. We pick up right where …

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