Matt Dodge

There are TV actors, and there are movie actors. TV actors were second class talents who dreamed of making it through the glass ceiling into films. Many tried, most failed, and the few who made it off the small screen never even thought to go back. For decades this has been the gospel truth in […]

The Newsroom: “The 112th Congress”
  Kelly Bedard

The third episode of The Newsroom is essentially a six-month montage detailing how Will, Mackenzie and Co. covered the events leading up to the November 2010 mid-term elections (they downplayed the Times Square bomb, shouted down anti-gay arguments, and went after the Tea Party). That’s all juxtaposed with the introduction of Jane Fonda as the […]

  Kelly Bedard

Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom is not exactly popular with people who talk about television- most are bugged by the hyperstylized idealism, the show’s nostalgic insistence, and Sorkin’s own contentious personality. But among the honest-to-god Sorkin fans who populate my life, This was more the feeling after the pilot episode last week (and I quote): “I think […]

  Borah Coburn

First Things First: If you’ve been watching the show and thinking… “meh,” last episode was aptly titled because THE TIDE WAS TURNING, YO! The episode was nuttier, funnier, dramatic-er, stupidly schmoopier, and epic-er than those that came before it. If nothing else, it was NOT meh. It was anti-meh. It was insane hysterical laughter followed […]

  Borah Coburn

I know. I’m late, I’m late for a very important date, blah blah blah. And I am sorry about that (despite the “blah, blah, blah’s,” my commitment to Korra is weirdly intense for an I’m-supposed-to-act-like-an-adult-now year old), but my heart is also in a hundred billion broken little pieces over the outcome of the Stanley […]

  Rachael Nisenkier

Matthew Weiner said that this season of Mad Men was about the unhappiness at the center of contentment. The season finale, “Phantom,” dealt with this idea explicitly – making that subtext text by having not one, but two characters explain exactly how little any of our characters’ success means to them. Pete, in a heart […]

  Borah Coburn

For the newbs: Hi, nice to meet you! This is my Korra diary, where I journal all of my crazy capslocks THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about the latest episode of The Legend of Korra. I also have a lot of fun trying to predict what will happen next. I don’t always make a whole lot of […]

  Saiya Floyd

Okay Sherlockians. Holmies? Fans of BBC’s brilliant Sherlock, it’s time for the final episode of series 2, ‘The Reichenbach Fall’. We open with John sitting in a therapy session. His therapist wants to know why he’s there, since she hasn’t seen him basically since the pilot, ‘A Study in Pink’. John says it’s because “My […]