27 April 2017

Tear Jerked: Gifted

By // Cinema

Gifted is the very definition of a tear jerker – its every line is meant to either enhance the tears that are to come or layer on the tears once …

06 June 2016

Hello, Hello, My Name is Doris

By // Cinema

What an odd, delightful treat this movie proved to be. Under-promoted to the point of near obscurity despite a name-packed cast, this Michael Showalter dramedy sneaks up on you. There …

17 January 2015

My Cinematic 2014

By // Cinema

I started this last year, keeping a list of every movie I see all year (just the new releases) in order to form a definitive set of personal rankings come …

26 December 2014

A Requiem for Robin

By // Cinema

It’s unbelievable that The Angriest Man in Brooklyn exists- that it was made when it was made by the people who made it. It’s unbelievable that this was one of …

21 December 2014

About Alex & The Great Undervaluation of TV Artists

By // Cinema

A cast of some of TV’s most wonderful people populates About Alex, the debut feature from Parenthood writer Jesse Zwick. A dramedy about college friends reunited by tragic, awkward circumstances, …

17 October 2014

Watch Two Night Stand to Fall in Love with Miles Teller

By // Cinema

… that’s an order. I mean it. If you let awards-ready Sundance hit Whiplash go to wide release without already knowing and loving the work of one of the best young …

09 October 2014

Been Here Before: This Is Where I Leave You

By // Cinema

It appears that going back home for a funeral is still the best way to find love and experience a journey of self-discovery. Dating back to classic films like The …

07 October 2014

See This: The One I Love

By // Cinema

This is a Cabin in the Woods-type movie. I don’t mean a riveting and inventive take on the horror genre (though it is, in some ways, that too; sort of), …

20 September 2014

Wit, Heartbreak, and a Background in Comedy

By // Cinema

The Skeleton Twins is both incredibly witty, heartbreaking, and one of my favorite films of the Year, so far! If you asked me over the years which generation of Saturday …

24 August 2014

Jon Favreau’s Chef

By // Cinema

Much like the Cubanos and three-cheese Paninis created throughout the film, Chef warms the soul like a favorite comfort food. The underlying story of the film revolves around reuniting a …

10 April 2014

My Cinematic 2013: Part X (Honorable Mention)

By // Cinema

I saw 90 movies in 2013… if you’ve read any of the previous 9 entries in this Cinematic 2013 series (which you absolutely should have), you’ve heard this whole spiel …

31 July 2013

A Blast from the Past Built to Last

By // Cinema

Remember those 80’s and 90’s summer vacation movies with everlasting humor? The ones with parents chilling out by the beach, acting like children, and children entering adulthood; the ones that …

08 July 2013

Got Some Fances Ha In You?

By // Cinema

She is clumsy, impulsive, irrational, indecisive, and forgetful. She is a 27, “looks older, but not grown up.” She is open and friendly with men, but she labels herself as: …

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