02 September 2013

The 2012 My TV Awards: Honorary Award

By // TV

No actor in the history of television has been a part of so many great shows as this year’s My TV Honorary Award winner. We honestly believe that to be …


11 August 2009

The Star Darling Gallery

By // TV

A “Dirty Sexy Money” Farewell Tribute to My Favourite Characters

30 July 2009

Kelly’s Week in TV

By // TV

The Bachelorette finale and “After the Final Rose” special:The finale goes exactly as planned as Jillian chooses an ecstatic Ed and stomps on the hearts of Kiptyn and Reid (who …

21 November 2008

ABC lets me down

By // TV

While I was at a friend’s place for dinner tonight someone asked a hypothetical question: “if the TV only had 3 channels, which 3 channels would you want them to …


04 October 2008

Wednesday Night’s ABC premieres

By // TV

This week’s Wednesday Night ABC premieres were all great. Here are some quick thoughts. Pushing Daisies- a lovely episode, NOT confusing like the TV Addict insisted it was, but rather …


26 September 2008

Dirty Sexy Money: season 1 in review

By // TV

I didn’t hop on the bandwagon on time. I miss the first couple episodes and by the time I’d fully committed to the idea of Dirty Sexy Money, had …

25 September 2008

Obsessions of the Week

By // TV

Jeremy and Juliet Darling “the well behaved twins” of Dirty Sexy Money are hilariously exuberant, devilishly selfish and ultimately big hearted. Like all the best sibling characters, Jeremy and Juliet …

11 September 2008

A New Batch of Obsessions

By // TV

Dylan Moran Known to most as the guy with the book¬†down his trousers from¬†Notting Hill, Dylan Moran is probably the best standup comedian I’ve ever heard. My friend Mack, who …

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