Dylan Moran
Known to most as the guy with the book down his trousers from Notting Hill, Dylan Moran is probably the best standup comedian I’ve ever heard. My friend Mack, who is often feeding me obscure comedy I don’t enjoy, forced me to watch Moran’s brilliant britcom Black Books then an hour and a half of his standup material (both available online); he pretty much had me at his dry and unfriendly “hello”. I even bought the entire series of Black Books from Amazon.com. Funny, funny man. Trust Me.
PS: the Governor of California got where he is today by lifting things… think about it.

Samaire Armstrong
As many of you know, I try and make a point of watching every show that made a big cultural impact, even if it doesn’t appeal to me. This is how I learned to love Grey’s Anatomy, learned the monotony of CSI and learned why the fans of Lost are so… fanatical. This tradition inevitably led me to the show that defined the youth culture of my high school days: The OC. It’s been rocky at times and completely enjoyable at others (I’ll be sure to share a full review either in post or podcast form once I’ve finished the series). Season 1 is by far the funniest, though possibly also the most ridiculous plot-filled; it had too much fighting, too many wardrobe changes, too many scandals, too many villains and too much indecision, but it also had good humour, cute faces, a believable teen character or two, great TV parents, a few sweet stories and Anna. Anna was my favourite; spunky but sweet, individual but not rebellious, fun but not goofy, wise but not preachy and selfless but not saint-like. I loved that she fell for Seth. I love that her and Seth made all the sense in the world but didn’t fit. I love that he still loved her, even when it had nothing to do with romance anymore. I love that she understands him better than even he does. I love her wardrobe, her haircut and her simple and honest advice of “confidence Cohen”. I love when Summer lets Seth go to the airport to stop Anna from leaving, without more than a hint of jealousy, and they have their final goodbye through airport security- I literally cried, it felt like my best friend was leaving. I love Armstrong’s ease, I love her grace and I also love her on Dirty, Sexy Money (which I’m catching up on online before the Oct 1 premiere).

Heath Ledger on DVD
With perhaps his best film still drawing crowds at the multiplex, the late great Heath Ledger is still very much alive today. But even when I’m unable to deceive myself into believing that there may be more Ledger genius hitting theatres any day now, there are always my personal favourites A Knight’s Tale and 10 Things I Hate About You (perhaps not his most prestigious, but pretension was never Heath’s thing).

BB10’s Dan
I may not like the guy but after the most recent episode I officially love him. I’ve written endlessly about my respect for Dan’s Big Brother game play but have always ultimately been routing for Memphis, who I like a whole lot better. But as of right now I would vote for Dan. In this most recent episode his manipulation and strategic exploits reached an otherwise unparalleled Will Kirby level of excellence while he had to actually put effort into NOT winning the crucial POV- that’s useless reality show skill right there. Here’s hoping Jerry is ousted next (it was a good idea to keep him over Keesha this week but I’ll cry if he makes the finale) and Dan deservingly wins over my beloved Memphis.

The Blue Jays’ 10 game winning streak
The Doc fell tonight, ending the almost history-making streak but The Jays had me believing again there for a minute- something I always love them for. They now sit 7 games back from the wild card spot with a tough schedule to come but all the morale in the world.