16 April 2014

A (Fond) Farewell to Joel

By // TV

Hart of Dixie is one of my favourite parts of the week. Sure, I watch a handful of important cable dramas and similarly depressing things, but there are only a …

02 February 2012

Gossip Girl turns 100

By // TV

This week, the CW’s first hit not born on the WB or UPN hit the 100 episode milestone. That all-important right of passage not only proves a show’s lasting appeal …


19 July 2011

Cinematic Baggage and the Television Star

By // TV

Sometimes it’s fun when your favorite TV star pops up in a movie (I know I got a little thrill every time I heard the erst-while Chuck’s voice coming out …


09 January 2011

TV Stars in The Movies

By // TV

The holiday movie rush has produced some truly excellent and some disappointing fare. But one thing has remained true: TV stars are really bringing it to the big screen this …

19 March 2009

The Coolest Dude in Hollywood

By // TV

One of my closest friends always tells me that the thing he loves most about me is that I define “cool” in the complete opposite way from most people. The …

11 February 2009


By // TV

 It’s that time of year again. Flower prices are skyrocketing, restaurant reservations are hard to come by, jewelry stores are bustling and all around North America people are wishing that …

04 January 2009

Looking Back: Gossip Girl, Season One

By // TV

When I started Gossip Girl a measly five days ago, I expected a soapy, fashionable dramady. Thanks to Kelly’s enthusiasm, I also expected to like it. I didn’t know how …

02 October 2008

Obsessions: Sept 24- Oct 1

By // TV

Taylor Townsend  As played by the wonderful Autumn Reeser, this beautiful, controlling, caring and at times delusional spitfire is the best thing about The OC’s 4th and final season and …

29 September 2008

The OC in my opinion

By // TV

As many of you may know, my most recent long-term TV project was to finally get through a series that I had dreaded watching for years. Its run spanned all 4 years of …

18 September 2008

Obsessions of the Week

By // TV

Summer Roberts– she’s tough and feisty and independent and funny and caring and smart in ways that are not immediately obvious, and she loves Seth. I just finished season 3 …

11 September 2008

A New Batch of Obsessions

By // TV

Dylan Moran Known to most as the guy with the book down his trousers from Notting Hill, Dylan Moran is probably the best standup comedian I’ve ever heard. My friend Mack, who …

21 August 2008

Obsessions of Two Weeks

By // TV

OK, after a week off for a family emergency, I’m back and trying to make up for lost time with a double dose of weekly obsessions… Avenue Q I just …

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