Taylor Townsend 

As played by the wonderful Autumn Reeser, this beautiful, controlling, caring and at times delusional spitfire is the best thing about The OC’s 4th and final season and is in many ways the saviour of the show.

There is so much more to this show than the typical CW rich teenagers bit. The show isn’t actually about the rich teenagers, which I think is the key. It’s actually about their tutor- the rich teenagers are just what allows the show to air on The CW. Joanna Garcia is immeasurably endearing in the lead role of Megan and Michael Cassidy as her best friend Charlie couldn’t be more charming.

Big Brother season 2 on YouTube
I jumped on the Big Brother bandwagon just in time for season 3, and it’s too bad because I’m just watching season 2 now (all episodes available on YouTube- I love that site!) and am absolutely loving it. After having talked to Bunky personally and gotten his views on the house and the season 2 houseguests, I wasn’t sure I would be as on board with the season as I am. Despite a rocky beginning, my love of Will and Chilltown (developed entirely during season 7 All Stars) has managed to stay in tact so far during season 2. The verdict is that Mike was actually more charming in season 2, though he clearly perfected his manipulation skills in time for season 7, and Will was better in season 7. Though still pretty awesome in season 2, his tanner/buffer image made him a little more threatening and his relationship with Shannon made him seem like a bully in relation to the other houseguests. In season 7, and the later part of season 2, Will killed with charm, something he certainly did not exude during his hostile first 3 weeks in season 2. I’m about 16 episodes in and, even if I ignored Will altogether, I actually like these houseguests. I particularly like Nicole and the ones I don’t like as much (Krista, Hardy, Kent and Autumn) I still like more than the average houseguest in recent seasons. Though I do have to say that the veto was an extremely necessary twist, it’s boring without it.