This week’s Wednesday Night ABC premieres were all great. Here are some quick thoughts.

Pushing Daisies- a lovely episode, NOT confusing like the TV Addict insisted it was, but rather adorable and a good episode to introduce new fans to the show. and the dead person of the week? Autum Reeser!!! I’ve never seen her in anything but The OC and she turns up on one of my favourite shows only hours after making my Obsessions of the Week list- eerie.

Private Practice- again, excellent. The show seems to be moving towards more adult stories, which is nice. The moral dilemmas on the show were awesome, I love seeing Amy Acker on TV, I really feel for Violet as she feels she is losing Cooper and it’s nice to see Addison put an end to the Pete thing, at least for now. I hope Dell doesn’t really leave though, I love Chris Lowell.


Dirty Sexy Money- my favourite of the night! as I said way back when I reviewed the pilot episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, you can’t go wrong when you use “Under Pressure” to open or close your show. This episode was fun and dramatic and sinfully delicious. Though I do have to ask… Where’s Juliet? I miss Samaire!