25 September 2008

Obsessions of the Week

By // TV

Jeremy and Juliet Darling
“the well behaved twins” of Dirty Sexy Money are hilariously exuberant, devilishly selfish and ultimately big hearted. Like all the best sibling characters, Jeremy and Juliet have each others’ backs through thick and thin. But not only are they the characters I most find myself sympathizing with, they are also the ones who make me laugh most often.
The New Season of How I Met Your Mother
The humanization of Barney, the return to the Marshall-Ted friendship, acknowledgment of Lily and Barney’s bond, Ted back to his old hopelessly romantic self and the possibility of Barney and Robin- YAY.
TV’s BackWhat’s more exciting than the beginning of a new season? New shows, returning favourites and a world of possibilities for where each of them can go in the coming months.

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