Mary-Margaret Scrimger

Before we announce the winners of the 2018 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards…

  Steve Fisher

Before we announce the winners of the 2018 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. A veteran actor, cabaret performer, and singer for more than thirty-five years, Paula Wolfson has a Dora for her role in Shaking the Foundations, and was in the first Canadian tours of Les Miserables and Beauty […]

  MyEntWorld Staff

Welcome to the 2018 Nominee Interview Series. Every year between nomination announcements…

On April 16th, 350 artists, arts administrators, arts critics, and arts everything else gathered at The Great Hall in Toronto to celebrate another year of creativity, ambition, talent, and hard work as we looked back on the productions that defined 2017 in Toronto Theatre. With help from sponsors like Dufflet Pastries and our generous patrons […]

  Kelly Bedard

2017 was one of the greatest years of filmmaking we’ve ever seen. On one hand, that made finding enough brilliant nominees to fill each category of the Critics’ Pick Awards a breeze. On the other hand, it made picking winners a nightmare. There were a few things on which consensus came easy (Outstanding Actor came […]

  Kelly Bedard

There’s too much TV for us to watch everything but we give it a hearty try and every year offer up our picks for what we thought stood out from the overwhelming and ever-expanding landscape. Below are our picks for the best of 2017, written by our TV staff writers Kelly Bedard (KB), Dane McDonald […]

  Kelly Bedard

Welcome to the 2017 Nominee Interview Series. Every year between nomination announcements and our awards party (this year it’s April 16th), we interview the artists nominated for MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards. 114 people participated this year representing everything from Netflix shows to indie theatre to network sitcoms to the National Ballet. Click on the names below to read […]