30 June 2017

Matthew Loux’s Time Museum

By // Books

If you’re looking for an all-ages comic that combines humour, heart, history, and adventure, then look no further: The Time Museum is an absolute delight from start to finish, and …

27 April 2017

Batman Watches the Watchmen?

By // Books

*This article contains full spoilers for recent DC Comics – most notably Batman #21 and the recent Superman arc* On paper, what I’m about to pitch is going sound like …

03 January 2016

Registering On The Snikt-er Scale

By // Books

Though it may not be quite as contradictory to my Canadian self-identification as my dislike of maple syrup, I’ve never felt particularly drawn or sympathetic to the character of Wolverine. …

16 June 2015

A Leap of Faith

By // Books

At the risk of losing any comics-related credibility I may have established in your eyes to this point, gentle reader, I must admit that I was first won over by …

01 June 2015

Breaking The First Rule

By // Books

One of the most satisfying side effects of a popular culture rooted in mass media, in my occasionally humble opinion, is the plethora of milestones available for one’s nostalgic reflections. …

07 May 2015

Gaining Something In Translation

By // Books

Montréal is one of my favourite cities to visit. Perhaps it’s the surreal experience of walking down a city street, not entirely unlike a Toronto street, and seeing familiar corporate …

02 May 2015

They’re Not Like Us And They’re Fascinating

By // Books

I don’t think I would’ve become as big of a fan of comic books as a medium, now, if it weren’t for the general trend, which started a while ago, …

07 April 2015

Wha-what’s Your Fan-ta-ta-sy?

By // Books

The last time I dug into a comic book written in the fantasy genre, my focus was on a story derived from the world of Dungeons & Dragons. And, though …

06 March 2015

This Chainmail Bikini Has You Covered

By // Books

I get enthusiastic about comics anthologies for the same reason I enjoy attending fringe-y theatre and film festivals. There’s something magical about being able to immerse oneself in a range …

28 February 2015

Bliss For The Spider-Women: Spider-Gwen

By // Books

There’s something deeply satisfying about discovering a competent, innovative cover version of one of your favourite songs. I have a great deal of admiration for artists who not only re-record …

10 February 2015

Killer Queen

By // Books

I’ve never been particularly patient with serial or otherwise long-form storytelling. If I’m not grabbed from the start of something, there’s a good chance I won’t hang around for whatever …

28 December 2014

Reading Into Some 2014 Favourites

By // Books

I’ll remember 2014 as the year I got back into comics in a big way. I enjoyed a lot of what I read, but I know I also just didn’t …

24 December 2014

Getting Waylaid By Wayward

By // Books

It’s a shame that the perceived fast pace of life means so many new things get boiled down to X Meets Y. There’s certainly an argument to be made for …

21 November 2014

Just What The Junk Is Going On Here, Anyway?

By // Books

Perhaps one day I’ll review a comic book and become a mighty geyser of vitriolic verbage, but today is not that day. Maybe it stems from reading as many comics …

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