06 May 2019

Hand to God at the Coal Mine

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Hand to God is a really fucking weird play. Excuse the language but there’s really no other way to fully get the point across. This is some weird shit. Playwright …

22 February 2019

Coal Mine Theatre presents The Father

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Father by Florian Zeller, directed by Ted Dykstra and Oyin Oladejo, is a brave close look at aging, specifically with Alzheimer’s Disease. The title character, known as André (Eric …

09 December 2018

Coal Mine’s Improvised Holiday Wonder Pageant

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The opening night of Coal Mine Theatre’s improv holiday show, The Wonder Pageant, was a hit, a WONDER-ful success. All performers demonstrated comedic accomplishment, unlike your author, and were fully …

22 April 2018

On Stage in Toronto: Surefire

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Theatre can be a gamble so sometimes it’s nice to see something you’re relatively sure about going in. On stage now in Toronto there are three such shows- one a …

18 March 2018

Nominee Interview Series: Noah Reid

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Before we announce the winners of the 2017 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Most people know Noah Reid as a screen actor. He scored …

22 November 2017

Poison at The Coal Mine

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Poison, currently on at The Coal Mine Theatre, is a story about two people. Actually, it’s a story about three people. We open on a man (Ted Dykstra) waiting in …

22 September 2017

Annie Baker’s Aliens at the Coal Mine

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Spoiler-free Review Annie Baker is one of America’s greatest living playwrights, a master of naturalistic contemporary storytelling rife with mysterious spirituality and painfully honest but sugarless emotion. You should run …

26 April 2017

On Stage in TO: Hate/Love

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Coal Mine Theatre is drawn to disturbing programming about mankind’s darkest truths. Their productions are often visceral, unpleasant, gritty, caked in blood, laced with profanity and only sometimes ultimately uplifting. …

21 February 2017

Superior Donuts: CBS vs. Toronto’s Coal Mine

By // TV

This is a big thing to say considering the consistently critically beloved status of Toronto’s Coal Mine Theatre since its bombastic debut with The Motherfucker with the Hat back in …

31 October 2016

Certain Bodies: Breathing Corpses

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The blatant irony of a title like Breathing Corpses, as with something like The Walking Dead, is that it is the ostensibly living characters who are all to some degree …

08 June 2016

It’s Not Business, It’s Personal: Lemon & Instructions

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In the month or so leading up to Fringe, there isn’t much going on in the indie Toronto theatre scene but two Canadian-written…

13 April 2016

On Stage in TO: The Accent Apocalypse

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I hate plays with fake accents. Unless your name is Oliver Dennis (or you work at the Shaw Festival), your British accent is not as good as you think it …

04 February 2016

Small-House Shakespeare: Hamlet & The Winter’s Tale

By // Theatre (Toronto)

There’s something of a false hierarchical narrative around Shakespeare performance that suggests the grander the stage, the stronger the performer, the mecca that is the Stratford festival theatre serving as …

12 November 2015

On Stage in TO: Love & Pain

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Immigrant (Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company) You know Mark Harelik, or at least you know his face. He has a recurring role on The Big Bang Theory; he was …

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