12 August 2015

SDCC 2015: Saturday Night’s Alright for Superfight-ing

By // Games

CLICK HERE to read our full coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015. There were a lot of eye-catching booths at San Diego Comic-Con, all promoting or selling comics, other books, …

03 September 2014

Fluxxing My Adaptability Muscles

By // Games

Fluxx is like your favorite collared shirt.  It’s a comfortable but enjoyable card game that allows you to multi-task, whether that means catching up with friends, playing a round while …

02 September 2014

My Journey Through Innovation is a 2-Player Blast

By // Games

My boyfriend and I went searching for a two-player board game last weekend.  We were fine with a game that catered to more players, but we wanted to be sure …

13 April 2013


By // Games

Since Bill Watterson coined the term “Calvinball” it has acted as a remarkable reference point for chaotic games where the rules constantly change and the players are kept on their …

10 May 2012

Mad Scientist University

By // Games

There are few games where one can be applauded for creative use of cannibalism.  This is probably a good thing for society as a whole.  For the rest of us …

27 March 2012

Paranoia Mandatory Bonus Fun! Card Game

By // Games

Greetings Citizen!  I hope you are enjoying the bounties of entertainment and personal satisfaction the Computer is granting you this day as the Computer does every day!  All hail the …

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