05 July 2016

True Love: Credit Nostalgia

By // TV

“True Love” will be a sporadic new feature in which I tell you about things in pop culture of which I’m an unabashed fan, whether it’s an embarrassing thing to …

20 July 2015

The Many Reasons Why Girl Meets World Is Working

By // TV

Friday’s episode of the newly Emmy-nominated Disney channel appropriation of my formative childhood series was one of the show’s best thus far. The second season followed the first with almost …

31 December 2014

Kelly’s 25 Favourite TV Shows of 2014

By // TV

This was a great year of TV. It was a massively terrible year for network TV with few new hits and tons of stupid cancellations (6 shows on this list …

08 December 2014

Girl Meets Boy Meets World

By // TV

I’ve been watching Girl Meets World faithfully from the moment it began. I will watch Girl Meets World faithfully until the moment it leaves the air (hopefully with a planned …

01 July 2014

Pilot Watch: Girl Meets World

By // TV

Do you remember when Mr. Feeney gave Cory an Incomplete on his “what I will be when I grow up” project because he didn’t think playing center field for the …

30 January 2011

Exclusive Interview: Danielle Fishel

By // TV

The My TV Nominee interview series continues with our second entry of the year. A nominee in both the “Best Variety/Talk Show Host” and “Be-My-Best-Friend” categories, Danielle Fishel is the …

11 February 2009


By // TV

 It’s that time of year again. Flower prices are skyrocketing, restaurant reservations are hard to come by, jewelry stores are bustling and all around North America people are wishing that …


18 October 2008

Mr. Matthews Back on TV

By // TV

In The Ex List’s 3rd episode one character was given a chance to shine, Bella’s father. Though he was in the pilot episode, his scenes were so brief that I …

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