10 January 2012

THE Hamlet

By // Books

Faulkner’s The Hamlet is about a family of hicks (The Snopes) living in the boonies of Mississippi in a town called Frenchman’s Bend. The novel kicks off by introducing us …

30 December 2011

Go, Mutants! by Larry Doyle

By // Books

I don’t tend to like things set in high schools—books, 80’s movies, tv shows, classes, you name it—and we could go into the whys, but what it basically boils down …

08 November 2011

Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune

By // Books

I am too old for Percy Jackson. I’m okay with that. But I think it’s important to start off this review with a qualification: Percy Jackson is not Harry Potter, …

18 September 2011

Book Flashback: Good Omens

By // Books

This feature sees your intrepid author venturing back into the books that delighted her in the past to see if they still stand up. If you’re a fantasy reader, chances …

12 September 2011

Adaptation Alert: One Day

By // Books

The film adaptation of the truly wonderful book One Day, predictably, leaves much to be desired. While the presence of the always sensational Patricia Clarkson (perfectly cast in the pivotal …

03 September 2011

Rachael on Stephen King on Writing

By // Books

It’s rare that you get to say a book changed your life and not be talking at least somewhat hyperbolically. It’s even rarer to get to say that about a …

20 August 2011

Ten Thoughts on “A Dance With Dragons”

By // Books

(because an actual review would just be scattershot and hard to follow) 10. It turns out I really like the actual kingdom of Westeros. One of my problems with this …

09 August 2011

The Help

By // Books

I am happy to admit I indulge in the time-honored tradition of hurrying to read a book before a movie comes out. I’d like to think that I DON’T do …

24 July 2011

A Dance with Dragons, Interrupted

By // Books

Rachael, you say, after post after post in breathless anticipation of A Dance With Dragons, how is it possible that you’ve yet to say anything about the latest in George …

15 July 2011

City of the Ick Factor

By // Books

One of the unfortunate side effects to being addicted to young adult literature, particularly of the Sci Fi-Fantasy variety is you occasionally get sucked into a story that the whole …

05 July 2011

Quick Hits: Memoir Edition

By // Books

I have a passion for both memoirs and religious stories, so it seemed like Mennonite in a Little Black Dress was written for me. Yet the overall narrative left me …

20 June 2011

MyBookshelf: Quick Hits

By // Books

Welcome to a new recurring feature over here at MyBookshelf. Quick Hits is a monthly feature that will allow us at MyBookshelf to share a little bit about some books …

11 January 2011

This Rough Magic

By // Books

The longest-tenured Artistic Director in the history of The Stratford Shakespeare Festival was an eccentric former actor famous for temper tantrums and stage fright. As a director, he staged some …

22 December 2010

One Day

By // Books

One of the year’s most successful literary offerings, One Day by David Nicholls is so much more than chick lit. The story of Emma and Dexter is hilarious, heartbreaking, poignant …

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