04 September 2017

Skinner Box Storytelling: Fists, Feet, Aliens, & Cylons

By // Games

Click Here to read previous instalments of Skinner Box Storytelling.  My new show is open so I’ve got a bit more time to play games. Here’s what I’ve dipped into this …

18 March 2012

Fantasy Flight’s Battlestar Galactica

By // Games

One of the joys of going back and watching old episodes of Deep Space Nine is seeing Ronald Moore’s name in the opening credits and thinking, “Hey!  I liked Battestar …

18 August 2009

ANOTHER Geeky Convergence of Epic Proportions

By // TV

The collaborations between the Whedon-verse and the BSG-galaxy just keep on coming. The one time blonde haired bad boy, James Marsters, is guest starring in a minimum of three episodes …

28 July 2009

A Geeky Convergence of Semi-Epic Proportions

By // TV

Dollhouse just got even geek-tastic–ier. Jamie Bamber, aka ab-tastic Captain/Major/Admiral Lee Adama, is joining the erst-while Helo, Tahmoh Penniket, on Dollhouse. Which means Whedon language coming out of the prettiest …

21 March 2009

All of This Has Happened Before…

By // TV

So it’s finally over. The semi-epic ride that was Battlestar Galactica‘s 4 seasons is done; no more big cylon reveals, no more coming back from the dead, no more hallucinogens/angels, and …

18 March 2009

So Say We All!

By // TV

It’s things like this Battlestar Gallactica at The UN that make me wish I wasn’t a college student by day, blogger by night, and was instead full-time pop culture obsessing. …

14 March 2009

Humanity’s Final Chapter Is About To Be Written

By // TV

I was going to come on here and complain that the penultimate episode of BSGwas all sorts of flashback-y nonsense (with a dose of machismo badassery built in) but I’ve …

07 March 2009

One Down, two more to go!

By // TV

Sometimes I think my opinions of Battlestar Galactic episodes are as schizophrenic as Starbuck on her mission to Earth. For example, last week I complained that it focused on Starbuck’s …

28 February 2009

Bucketload of Daddy Issues

By // TV

One of my favorite things about BSG (or, really, any show I truly love) is its ability to mix together deep human drama with external badassery. But after episodes like …

31 January 2009

Frak Yeah!

By // TV

With a show that gives you as much emotional toil as Battlestar Galactica, that is the type of generation spanning epic space-and-morality drama that BSG is, it’s occasionally hard to …

16 December 2008

This Week’s Big Bang Theory and the Christmas Episode Hypothesis

By // TV

This week’s BBT featured a guest spot by none other than Michael Trucco. Don’t know who he is? You clearly haven’t been doing your nerdy homework. Trucco is none other …

15 December 2008

My Tv Crushes (and my Triumphant Debut on My TV)

By // TV

I’ve decided to do my first blog post as an addendum to Kelly’s earlier Crush list, because there’s some tv-shows that even the great Ms. Kelly hasn’t gotten into and …

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