31 March 2016

The 2015 MyTheatre Award Winners: Boston

By // Theatre (Boston)

In 2015, Boston theatre pulled no punches. Historical legacies were questioned, minority voices cried louder, the talent of female theatre artists was not in question, and plenty of performers strutted …

23 November 2015

Bad Habit Connects through Six Degrees of Separation

By // Theatre (Boston)

Fleet, comic, utterly cosmopolitan, Six Degrees of Separation is one of John Guare’s sharpest works. Loosely based on real-life events, the play revolves around the mysterious figure of Paul. This …

21 April 2015

Bad Habit Tackles Woolf/Ruhl’s Orlando

By // Theatre (Boston)

Bad Habit Productions put on a versatile and dynamic Orlando, Sara Ruhl’s adaptation of the Virginia Woolf novel, in the BCA’s Deane Hall. Directed by Daniel Morris, the show’s performances …

12 September 2014

Who Really Ends Up on Top?

By // Theatre (Boston)

Caryl Churchill is one of my favorite female playwrights to read. I find her work almost unmanageable onstage because of her feminist tilt and unforgiveable agenda. With that lens, I …

13 August 2014

Understanding Translations

By // Theatre (Boston)

Brian Friel’s Translations is a tough code to crack. The 1980 three-act play by the Irish playwright is a piece about language, and while it has many other themes and …

29 March 2014

Brian’s Must-See: April

By // Theatre (Boston)

I tried in vain to find a common theme for these April “Must See” productions. We have fantastical elements and commentaries on sexual politics; epic plays and comedic classics; fringe …

15 September 2013

Rooms: A Rock Romance Stood on Rocky Ground

By // Theatre (Boston)

Bad Habit Productions has proven to produce some of My Theatre staff’s favorites (Arcadia and Much Ado . . . With a Twist just to name a few). They are …

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