Billie Marlow

The World Series came and went. It was a championship game that pitted a dynasty against an underdog. The Giants vs. the Royals. The World Series was a matchup of two Wild Card teams, where only one would be the receiver of the rings. This year, the San Francisco Giants came up on top, defeating […]

Jeter’s Farewell Tour
  Billie Marlow

Helicopter rides through the scenic Rocky Mountains, mixology and cooking lessons as well as a 3 day stay in the notable Banff Springs Hotel was only part of the gift that the Toronto Blue Jays presented Derek Jeter at his final game in Toronto. They also donated $10,000 to his charity, Turn 2 Foundation that […]

  Josh Peters

The historic Wimbledon tournament is widely known for its excitement and drama, and this year’s tournament was no exception. It’s been an exhilarating two weeks that culminated in Petra Kvitova winning a decisive straight set victory over Eugenie Bouchard for her second Women’s Singles Title. An then, on Sunday, we watched a rousing men’s final, […]

  Ryan Covel

Every World Cup, people can usually predict who is going to shine for their team. We know with Argentina it’s Messi, who is constantly competing with Portugal’s Ronaldo for the title of being the best in the world. Rooney has had the pressure of being considered England’s best, while Didier Drogba is seen as the […]

  Max Cubello

It’s a debate I’ve had with my friends a countless amount of times. “Who was the best pro athlete ever to play in Toronto?” This is a really hard question to try and figure out. The answer certainly isn’t all that obvious in Toronto’s case as opposed to other cities in North America. This isn’t […]

  Joseph Woodward

You’ll never make it. You know your dreams are unrealistic, right? It’s just a fantasy and you need to realize that most people will never be able to do what you want to do in life. You’re too small. You’re not athletic or talented enough to make it in the NFL. You don’t have the […]