Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Welcome to our San Diego Comic-Con video series “Self-Reflection”! We asked a few of the cosplayers we encountered on the SDCC convention floor to review the latest instalment of the franchise they were representing with their costume. In the video below, you’ll […]

  Rachael Nisenkier

CLICK HERE to read our full coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Team Arrow has grown over the years, and the expanded cast (not to mention showrunner Wendy Mericle) have a lot of thoughts on the many twists and turns their characters have gone through. We caught up with the cast and showrunners at the […]

  Saiya Floyd

Legends of Tomorrow has its work cut out for it. Not only does it have to distinguish itself from every other superhero TV show or movie, it specifically has to distinguish itself from its sibling series. Legends of Tomorrow is the third show in Greg Berlanti’s CW superhero universe, its predecessors being Arrow and The […]

  Saiya Floyd

The Flash is part of a larger DC television universe. Historically, this has worked to its advantage, with Flash/Arrow crossover episodes being fun adventures, trying new combinations of already known characters to push them out of their comfort zones. In this week’s “The Fury of Firestorm”, the larger TV universe felt like a burden rather […]

CLICK HERE to read our full coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015. We are living in a golden age of comic book stories, with TV shows and movies flooding the market. While there are countless interviews with the leads and directors, the San Diego Comic Con panel “Musical Anatomy of a Superhero” gave the rarer […]

  Kevin Dillon

The League of Assassins vs. Malcolm Merlin Nyssa is back to try and find Sarah, but Oliver tells her that she was killed. Nyssa knows that it was arrows that took her down, and it is Oliver’s mission to work with Nyssa to figure out who killed Sarah; she was in Starling City to track […]

  Kevin Dillon

(Spoilers Inside)  I realized yesterday during my busy return to work, that I had been remiss in my Arrow re-caps. After three weeks the show slowed down a little, but the one two from weeks one and two were enough to set the groundwork for the shows major arc, the mystery of who killed Sarah. […]

  Kevin Dillon

Welcome to the DC/CW game Barry Allen. For the last two years Arrow has paved the way for bringing a successful small screen adaptation of a super hero. Sure the WB/CW had Smallville, and it was entertaining, but in this new universe creator Greg Berlanti balances the human nature, and the team behind these shows […]

  Matt Dodge

It’s dark in the forest, as the thick trees obscure almost every trace of sunlight. The wind blows the leaves together, and the noise drowns out any sign of life. Suddenly, a new sound breaks through the forest canopy, something mechanical, and it’s getting closer. A twig snaps, and from nowhere a figure bolts through […]

  Borah Coburn

I’ve touched on this a little before, but it bears repeating. While historically, Comic Cons were mainly a method for learning more about the comic book industry and acquiring rare or vintage editions of things, recently they’ve become more of a vehicle for publicity—particularly sneak peeks at things and grand unveilings. Here’s a little bit […]