Oliver Simmonds

With the Les Miserables 30th Anniversary Concert almost here on the 8th October, I have had the great privilege to talk with Jeremy Secomb, the man playing the role of Javert, about himself, his character and the musical as a whole. Before taking the part up in July of this year after a major cast […]

  Kelly Bedard

Broadway’s golden boy will be taking the Roy Thompson Hall stage tomorrow night to sing Stephen Schwartz songs alongside the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Fresh off his pre-Broadway run in the new Finding Neverland musical and a movie star turn as Jamie in the Last Five Years film adaptation, Tony-nominated (and My Theatre Award-winning!) Newsies star/Smash saviour […]

It wasn’t until the day after Silicon Valley’s third episode did I even realize that the actor Christopher Evan Welch, who played borderline-autistic billionaire Peter Gregory, had died back in December. Episode five would be his final episode, my friend had told me, leaving my mouth agape to fill the pit in my stomach with […]

Sometimes you need to survive a tragedy to find your place in the world. This would be the case for upcoming comedian/actor Greg “The Greek” Kritikos. Greg was raised on the tough streets of Astoria, Queens from 1971 through the 80’s. He came to America from Greece at a very young age along with his […]

  Nick Christophers

Who is Gerard Cordero? Gerard Cordero is what you would call a “man of many trades” who has managed to bridge the gap between acting and martial arts. At twelve years old the “acting bug” took root and his love for entertainment was sealed as he watched his idols like Sylvester Stallone, Patrick Swayze, Eddie […]

  Nick Christophers

The bright eyed boy from the Bronx “who did good” and became an example for others to strive for more. Lou “Crazy Mario” Vanaria never thought he would ever work side by side with legends like Chazz Palminteri and Robert DeNiro. Lou was always a singer and performed in a local band for years. He […]

  Trevor McNaughton

One really has to hand it to Rupert Everett. Once touted as the next great British leading man, he came out of the closet and summarily watched a once very promising film career go down, if not in a torrent of flames, then at the very least, in a rank smouldering mess that resembled nothing […]

  Kelly Bedard

Every once in a while, in the middle of writing a review, we’ll be overcome with a feeling of déjà vu. Whether it’s the Sorkin loyalty on our TV branch or My Cinema’s longstanding affection for Soderbergh, sometimes we find ourselves praising a single artist so much that we start to worry about sounding objective. […]