03 November 2015

DVD Update: October & November

By // TV

It’s time, once again, for the On DVD series featuring new releases from Paramount Home Distribution and more!.  TV Tut Spike TV’s three-part miniseries starring the great Ben Kingsley is epic and …

01 July 2012

Brave, a Pixar Film

By // Cinema

I wish I knew what it would feel like to walk into a screening of Brave knowing nothing. Although I would miss out on the little somersault my stomach does …

10 April 2012

Fine, Bill Paxton; I’m Finally Ready to Go Back to Titanic

By // Cinema

I had an important revelation this past weekend: 11 year old me was kind of an asshole. I had this revelation while watching the super duper awesome and totally worth …

17 January 2012

Tale As Old As 1991

By // Cinema

In a lot of ways, the new Disney policy of re-releasing classic films (like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast) in 3D can be seen as a cynical …

03 January 2012

Hugo on Movies

By // Cinema

Martin Scorsese makes the sort of gritty, stylized movies that are objectively effective and subjectively unappealing to me and my butterflies-and-rainbows sensibility. I never quite got what was so impressive …

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