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22 May 2014

HBO Sunday: Dany and Selena

By // TV

In the second instalment of a just now conceived three-part examination of HBO Sunday – the most juggernaut line-up since Must-See-TV NBC Thursday contained Friends, Seinfeld and George Clooney ER …

15 May 2014

Death of a Titan: Silicon Valley‘s Peter Gregory

By // TV

It wasn’t until the day after Silicon Valley’s third episode did I even realize that the actor Christopher Evan Welch, who played borderline-autistic billionaire Peter Gregory, had died back in …

09 May 2014

The Night Jack Came Back

By // TV

My buddy would be staying the night. We had been drinking wine, unapologetically mixing our reds and whites; I’m nothing if not a responsible substance abuser and living in Los …

03 May 2014

Review Review

By // TV

The first time I was able to put the name to Andy Daly’s pasty visage, which had been appearing in guest bits as the earnest comedic foil for over a …

02 April 2014

Dark Souls & True Detective

By // Games

If television shows and video games could be paired in the same manner that cheese and wines can be paired – and who even said that’s a thing – I’m …

07 February 2014

True Detective: The Locked Room

By // TV

There are moments while watching HBO’s grim and unnerving new character drama – not cop procedural – True Detective when you find yourself laughing. These aren’t just the laughs that …

21 January 2014

“The Long Bright Dark” into “Seeing Things”

By // TV

I came to HBO’s newest series on a week delay, unexpectedly following a dispiriting NFC championship game in which my beloved 49ers lost in heartbreaking fashion. My friend just so …

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