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18 May 2016

Penny Dreadful: Good and Evil Braided Be

By // TV

After the dramatic reveal at the end of last week’s “Predators Far and Near”, you could be forgiven for thinking Penny Dreadful might take it easy this week. There were …

12 May 2016

Penny Dreadful: Season 3 So Far

By // TV

Penny Dreadful is back, and it was worth the wait. The first two episodes of Season 3 expanded the show’s universe with new locations, and teased of new horrors to …

30 April 2016

The Night Manager

By // TV

The Night Manager is a stylish new thriller based on the 1993 John le Carre novel of the same name. The Night Manager has been updated to a modern setting, …

17 April 2016

Scarlett, Strange & Schmidt: Asians in Hollywood

By // TV

It’s been a very uncomfortable week for me as an Asian-American media consumer. It started Tuesday, with the new Doctor Strange trailer, continued Thursday as stills of Scarlett Johansson in …

31 March 2016

The 2015 MyTV Award Winners

By // TV

Before we announce the winners of the 9th annual MyTV Awards, check out the list of all the nominees. We’re in peak TV now, it’s impossible to keep up, but …

14 March 2016

MyTV Award Nominee: Q&A w/ Nick Antosca

By // TV

Before we announce the winners of the 2015 MyTV Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Arguably the most challenging and acclaimed drama in recent network TV history ended …

06 March 2016

Pride & Prejudice… & Zombies

By // Cinema

If you want a Pride and Prejudice that is faithful to the original book, watch the 1995 BBC version. If you want a sweeping romantic version, the 2005 film is …

05 February 2016

Not Quite the Stuff of Legends

By // TV

Legends of Tomorrow has its work cut out for it. Not only does it have to distinguish itself from every other superhero TV show or movie, it specifically has to …

30 December 2015

The Best Shows of 2015

By // TV

It wasn’t easy, with the TV landscape getting more and more crowded. 2015 had a lot of great TV. A lot of shows had a lot of good episodes. Here …

17 December 2015

The Fassbender Macbeth

By // Cinema

Like many of the staff members on My Entertainment World, I love Shakespeare. I love reading his plays, I love reading about him, but most of all, I love watching …

24 November 2015

Jessica Jones “AKA Ladies Night”

By // TV

Finally, finally, after months of waiting, Jessica Jones is here. Since the first stills of Krysten Ritter in character as Jessica were released, I was ready for this show, and …

10 November 2015

Brooklyn: Good Filmmaking & Bad Decision Making

By // Cinema

Objectively, Brooklyn is a good movie. It was beautifully filmed, wonderfully acted, sentimental, without being overly so. It’s a shame the main character’s poor decision making in the last third …

06 November 2015

Crimson Peak, Thin & Pretty

By // Cinema

Crimson Peak was very pretty. Beautiful, even. And if all you required from your film-going experience is that a movie be aesthetically pleasing, you’ll probably enjoy Guillermo del Torro’s Crimson …

31 October 2015

Flash: The Fast and “the Fury of Firestorm”

By // TV

The Flash is part of a larger DC television universe. Historically, this has worked to its advantage, with Flash/Arrow crossover episodes being fun adventures, trying new combinations of already known …

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