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27 February 2012

“Gym-Free and Ripped” by Nathan Jendrick

By // Sports

Nathan Jendrick is a personal trainer who keeps things simple and to-the-point in this do-it-yourself handbook on how to exercise with no fancy or expensive exercise equipment.  As someone who …

30 January 2012

Is Anthopoulos Over-thinking?

By // Sports

Sometimes over-thinking can lead you to make mistakes. Certainly it does on multiple choice exams and it may have been the culprit in the two major trades Alex Anthropoulos, GM …

19 August 2011

Alex Anthopoulos: Chess Master, Spin Master

By // Sports

Alex Anthopoulos is one of the best general managers in major league baseball. I’ve often referred to him in previous articles as a “Chess Master”. He is someone who sees …

14 June 2011

What Have We Learned?

By // Sports

In baseball, it is often said that you really don’t know what you’ve got as a baseball team until at least 60 games into the season. Well, the Toronto Blue …

24 February 2011

What’s Wrong with NASCAR?

By // Sports

NASCAR held its biggest race of the season last weekend, the Dayton 500. Did anybody watch? Their biggest star, Jimmie Johnson, (Jimmie who?) has won the last 5 NASCAR season …

18 February 2011

Mario Lemieux Speaks Out… alone.

By // Sports

This past Sunday, former NHL superstar Mario Lemieux spoke up about the growing violence that has gripped the National Hockey League. An NHL Hall of Famer who now owns the …

11 February 2011

Spring Training is Fun and A Time for Important Questions to be Answered

By // Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays begin spring training on Monday in preparation for what hopes to be a “successful” 2011 baseball season. Success for the Jays this year can be defined …

02 February 2011

Green Bay Should Have a Super Bowl

By // Sports

Green Bay should have a Super Bowl. I don’t mean that they need to win a Super Bowl (they’ve done that already, 3 times), I’m saying they need to host …

30 January 2011

The Chess Master Strikes Again

By // Sports

Less than a week after the blockbuster trade of Vernon Wells, Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos (whom I’m now dubbing “the chess master”) was at it again. This time he …

24 January 2011

Thoughts on the Vernon Wells Trade

By // Sports

Alex Anthopoulos did what many people considered impossible, he traded Vernon Wells. The centre fielder is very talented but very expensive ($86 million over the next 4 years), aging (32) …

03 December 2010

Heating up the Hot Stove… but not without consequences

By // Sports

The Major League winter meetings are next week in Lake Buena Vista Florida and the Hot Stove League has been heated up as they approach. Detroit has been a major …

18 November 2010

More Questions than Answers for the Toronto Blue Jays

By // Sports

Alex Anthopoulos, has shown a golden touch in his first year as the general manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. The signing of John Buck as primary catcher was an …

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