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15 March 2018

The Best Curry Recipes

By // Cinema

I’m a little obsessed with Tim Curry. He’s my favourite, and the powers that be at this site said I could “write about whatever I want” so, Tim Curry it …

24 January 2018

2018 TV Preview: Four Series to Look Forward To

By // TV

After airing their Christmas specials – usually in early December – most series go on hold, leaving their fans with nothing but board games and casinos to amuse them. But the …

08 January 2018

Doctor Who: The Best and Worst Christmas Specials

By // TV

Christmas is a time filled with excitement, presents, love, and a delicious meal, a time families spend together singing carols around the tree. But, let’s face it, Christmas is really …

31 October 2017

Sweeney in Concert

By // Theatre (Toronto)

On October 28th for one night only, Co-Producers Nicole Strawbridge and Colin Frotten put on Sweeney Todd the Demon of Fleet Street at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Toronto. For …

27 September 2017

The Best Bond Songs

By // Music

Bond’s got it all. A swanky car, an endless array of gadgets, and by the ending credits, usually a smoking hot girl between his sheets. He’s undoubtedly a man of …

08 August 2017

The Rise and Fall of the Terminator Franchise

By // Cinema

It’s one of the most successful and beloved franchises in Hollywood history. The Terminator franchise launched the careers of cinema royalty and its five-film saga features one of the benchmarks …

10 June 2017

Anthony Joshua vs The World

By // Sports

When a flurry of bad-intentioned punches from Anthony Joshua forced the referee to end the fight in round 11 of a thrilling contest against Wladimir Klitschko, the world was quick …

12 May 2017

Movie Manipulation

By // Music

Has someone been cutting onions in here, or are those real live saltwater tears running down your face in the movie theater? There ain’t no movie without the soundtrack (score …

10 May 2017

Bond. James Bond

By // Cinema

With Hiddleston apparently out of contention and Craig theoretically back for one more go after being all but written out at the end of 2016’s Spectre, the future of the …

28 April 2017

Streaming Across the Proverbial Wall

By // TV

If you are an avid Netflix viewer, cannot fall asleep without watching an episode of your favorite series, and for a couple of months you are sent abroad to complete …

26 April 2017

The Epic Secrets of Breaking Bad

By // TV

Attention! Spoilers ahead! If you’ve somehow yet to finish Breaking Bad, don’t read an article unpacking its mysteries.  The Formula in the Opening Credits Breaking Bad‘s opening titles are short …

17 March 2017

The NHL’s Best Bets

By // Sports

After an exciting season, the NHL regular season will be soon drawing to a close. Here are my picks for who’s looking best if you’re placing bets on the cup. …

14 March 2017

DWtS: Our Top “Bonner Bolton” Picks

By // TV

The new cast of Dancing with the Stars has been announced and, as per usual, there’s at least one contestant who makes you go “who?!”. This season it’s some cowboy …

03 March 2017

Twitter Giveaway: Win Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

By // Cinema

To celebrate the DVD release of the latest Tom Cruise action adventure, Paramount Home Entertainment has given us copies to give away to TWO lucky readers. For your chance to win, …

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