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07 June 2014

Sharp Angles, Other-Worldly Beauty & an Angry Core

By // Cinema

Centered on Angelina Jolie’s prosthetically enhanced cheekbones, Maleficent comes off a lot like its title character: all sharp angles, other worldly beauty, and angry core. The advertising remains intentionally coy: …

05 June 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past

By // Cinema

X-Men Days of Future Past’s structure will be incredibly familiar to any comics fan. Crisscrossing around time and space, dabbling in competing continuities. These are things that anyone who’s picked …

27 May 2014

The Amazing Andrew Garfield 2

By // Cinema

It’s pretty rare that I get to walk into a movie theater with little to no expectations – even rarer for that to happen with a big budget superhero movie. …

09 April 2014

Season Premiere: Game of Thrones

By // TV

It’s hard to believe that it’s been less than a year since last I delved into Westeros and its particular brand of violent revolution. The books, which once felt so …

09 April 2014

Muppets Most Wanted

By // Cinema

Classic Muppet movies (not the utterly-charming, but still very-different Jason Segel effort) were noteworthy in their fourth-wall breaking absurdity. The muppets were goofy, wry, and wholeheartedly dedicated to good naturedly …

09 April 2014

Good Words

By // Cinema

It’s rare – given my propensity for spending my days on pop culture websites and my generally zeitgeist-y tastes – that I get to walk into a movie with zero …

06 April 2014

Mindy at Midseason

By // TV

Oh hey, guys, Mindy’s back! Just as New Girl stands on the precipice of undoing all the good will I feel towards it, Mindy Kaling (and her fictional counterpart, Mindy …

22 March 2014

Veronica Mars, the movie

By // Cinema

It will surprise no one who is familiar with such matters that a 2 hour long episode of Veronica Mars, packed with all the expectations and narrative necessities therein, is …

03 March 2014

Lauren’s All-Time Least Snarky Oscars Recap

By // Cinema

I realized, by accident, that I had seen almost all of the best picture nominees this year (I’m sorry, Nebraska and Dallas Buyers Club!). Unlike in years past, I hadn’t …

31 December 2013

Scorsese Makes Crime Look Really Fun

By // Cinema

The worst thing you can say about The Wolf of Wall Street is that there’s too much of it. Thematically, though, that’s appropriate, since it’s all about the way that …

19 December 2013

American Hustle

By // Cinema

I’m sure I’m not blowing anyone’s mind here when I say that David O. Russell is one of the greatest directors of our generation. He’s definitely in my personal top …

13 November 2013

Thor, Round II

By // Cinema

A while ago, while watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I found myself seriously wondering if I was over superheroes. It’s blasphemy, I know. But I just felt like their stories had …

11 November 2013

Oscar Bait: 12 Years a Slave

By // Cinema

At this point, it is boring for me to tell you that 12 Years a Slave is a fantastic movie. Still, spoiler-alert, it is. It’s not, by far, a perfect …

06 November 2013

Adaptation Alert: Ender’s Game

By // Cinema

A good movie adaptation of a a good book teases something out of the text. It figures out what is important about the text, what has made it resonate with …

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