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15 March 2019

Drums 101: 5 Songs for Aspiring Ringos

By // Music

You can easily identify songs with hefty guitar solos and riffs, and you can usually tell what sort of skill level you need to learn to play those songs. Guitar …

11 March 2019

Cross-Platform Matching & It’s Affect on Gamers

By // Games

PC or Xbox? iOS or Android? These are the latest variations on a type of question we’ve been asking since gaming began. Commodore or Atari? Mega Drive or Super Nintendo? …

20 February 2019

2019 MLS Season Preview

By // Sports

While US soccer fans may have spent the last few months getting their fix of the beautiful game by watching some of the action from leagues in Europe and other …

15 February 2019

NBA All-Star Preview, 2019

By // Sports

The sizzling heat rises as the NBA All-Star 2019 is all set for reaching dedicated fans, who speak more than 40 languages and watch from over 200 countries across the …

02 February 2019

Top TV: Five Shows You Need to be Watching

By // TV

A survey conducted by Hub Entertainment Research, as reported by the Huffington Post, revealed that 49 percent of people believe there are “so many television programs to choose from that …

15 January 2019

Top 5 Rugby Apps for the World Cup & Beyond

By // Sports

In an age when no one can leave their seat, let alone their house, without their phone, technology can be key to gaining further insight into your favourite game. Sports …

31 December 2018

The Best Mobile Game Titles Coming in 2019

By // Games

2018 has been a huge year for gaming, and mobile gaming in particular. With the year coming to an end, people are already looking ahead at which games will impress …

07 October 2018

Broadway in Vegas

By // Theatre

In Las Vegas, many Broadway shows and musicals bring a unique “Sin City” experience. They are quite entertaining despite the fact that only a few momentous Broadway productions take place …

07 October 2018

Beyond the Music: The New Fandom

By // Music

It used to be that if you liked a band, you bought their CD, maybe went to their concert and that was it. These days there are so many more ways …

07 October 2018

A Quiet Place: Speaking is for the Weak

By // Cinema

Horror movies are not for everyone. The storyline, the jump scares, those moments of tension that make you cover your eyes with the blanket- usually this kind of films is …

24 September 2018

Dragon Quest is Back But Do We Recognise It?

By // Games

Following years of patience, Dragon Quest X!: Echoes of an Elusive Age has finally been released around the world. Developed and published by Square Enix, the RPG was initially released …

12 August 2018

Games on Film: The Uncharted Short

By // Games

From the high-octane excitement of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One to the gritty action and adventure of Tomb Raider, it is safe to that 2018 has once again shown how …

03 August 2018

Getting My List On: The Best of the Best of Movie Food

By // Cinema

Do you remember anything about the actual plot of Julie & Julia? I thought not (sorry, Chris Messina). You remember the food. Y’all know I love a good list so …

07 July 2018

Video Games Are Good For You- A Gamer’s Justification

By // Games

You don’t really have to be a gamer to know that video games have come a long way since the traditional arcade titles. In fact, as a TV viewer you …

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