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12 August 2018

Games on Film: The Uncharted Short

By // Games

From the high-octane excitement of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One to the gritty action and adventure of Tomb Raider, it is safe to that 2018 has once again shown how …

03 August 2018

Getting My List On: The Best of the Best of Movie Food

By // Cinema

Do you remember anything about the actual plot of Julie & Julia? I thought not (sorry, Chris Messina). You remember the food. Y’all know I love a good list so …

07 July 2018

Video Games Are Good For You- A Gamer’s Justification

By // Games

You don’t really have to be a gamer to know that video games have come a long way since the traditional arcade titles. In fact, as a TV viewer you …

03 June 2018

Movie Flashback: 21

By // Cinema

If the excitement of gambling were really about winning, there would be few gamblers to support the multibillion-dollar gambling industry. Everybody knows that the odds are fixed to favor the …

03 June 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to Apple TV

By // TV

If you’re all about the Netflix or the Hulu or the Beach Body On Demand (I don’t know you, maybe you’re, like, a healthy person!), Apple TV is the only …

31 May 2018

NFL Update: The Bills & the Allen Decision

By // Sports

The Buffalo Bills moved up in the 2018 NFL Draft to acquire their quarterback of the future, selecting Josh Allen out of Wyoming. The 21-year-old was a riser in the …

09 May 2018

Direct from Brazil: UFC224 Belfort vs. Machida

By // Sports

Unlike most drama build-ups preceding MMA fights, the Vitor Belfort vs. Lyoto Machida match has proven to be a class act in every meaning of the term. The main card …

15 March 2018

The Best Curry Recipes

By // Cinema

I’m a little obsessed with Tim Curry. He’s my favourite, and the powers that be at this site said I could “write about whatever I want” so, Tim Curry it …

24 January 2018

2018 TV Preview: Four Series to Look Forward To

By // TV

After airing their Christmas specials – usually in early December – most series go on hold, leaving their fans with nothing but board games and casinos to amuse them. But the …

08 January 2018

Doctor Who: The Best and Worst Christmas Specials

By // TV

Christmas is a time filled with excitement, presents, love, and a delicious meal, a time families spend together singing carols around the tree. But, let’s face it, Christmas is really …

31 October 2017

Sweeney in Concert

By // Theatre (Toronto)

On October 28th for one night only, Co-Producers Nicole Strawbridge and Colin Frotten put on Sweeney Todd the Demon of Fleet Street at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Toronto. For …

27 September 2017

The Best Bond Songs

By // Music

Bond’s got it all. A swanky car, an endless array of gadgets, and by the ending credits, usually a smoking hot girl between his sheets. He’s undoubtedly a man of …

08 August 2017

The Rise and Fall of the Terminator Franchise

By // Cinema

It’s one of the most successful and beloved franchises in Hollywood history. The Terminator franchise launched the careers of cinema royalty and its five-film saga features one of the benchmarks …

10 June 2017

Anthony Joshua vs The World

By // Sports

When a flurry of bad-intentioned punches from Anthony Joshua forced the referee to end the fight in round 11 of a thrilling contest against Wladimir Klitschko, the world was quick …

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