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22 May 2019

Tyson Fury Lives up to His Name

By // Sports

Tyson Fury has certainly brought his furious side out to play since arriving in the US in the lead up to his bout against Tom Schwarz on June 15. Talking …

22 May 2019

Draft Report: New Orleans Pelicans

By // Sports

According to Tuesday’s news, the New Orleans Pelicans triumphed in the NBA draft lottery. With this victory, the team can choose Duke star Zion Williamson for the following NBA draft. …

14 May 2019

What’s Next for Bond?

By // Cinema

The James Bond series is one of the most successful film franchises to have ever existed, with some of the big name actors who have taken the leading role including …

23 April 2019

Hot Take: Maybe Gamers Are Better Learners

By // Games

“Video games harm children’s brain”, “video games cause an absence of mind”. These are popular syntagmas which popped up over the last 15 years. Unrealistic headlines continue to paint an …

21 April 2019

Top 5 Best Professional Players in PUBG

By // Games

Online Gaming has evolved tremendously in the past decade, moving from a pastime to an active livelihood for scores of people across the globe. Player Unknown’s Battleground is one such …

21 April 2019

Play the Pages: Book-Inspired Games

By // Books

There are no new ideas. So, what to do when that happens? Recycle old ones of course! The latest book-turned-game I’ve gotten to try is a couple of Harry Potter …

20 April 2019

The Latest in VR

By // Games

The world of virtual reality has never seen better days. Technology has proved once again that things will get even more realistic as advancements keep on hitting the market. With …

01 April 2019

Bond 25 in 2020: What We Know So Far

By // Cinema

The time has come. Put down your PlayStation remote, cash out of your mega moolah game, grab some popcorn and get ready for all things Bond. The long awaited, highly …

15 March 2019

Drums 101: 5 Songs for Aspiring Ringos

By // Music

You can easily identify songs with hefty guitar solos and riffs, and you can usually tell what sort of skill level you need to learn to play those songs. Guitar …

11 March 2019

Cross-Platform Matching & It’s Affect on Gamers

By // Games

PC or Xbox? iOS or Android? These are the latest variations on a type of question we’ve been asking since gaming began. Commodore or Atari? Mega Drive or Super Nintendo? …

20 February 2019

2019 MLS Season Preview

By // Sports

While US soccer fans may have spent the last few months getting their fix of the beautiful game by watching some of the action from leagues in Europe and other …

15 February 2019

NBA All-Star Preview, 2019

By // Sports

The sizzling heat rises as the NBA All-Star 2019 is all set for reaching dedicated fans, who speak more than 40 languages and watch from over 200 countries across the …

02 February 2019

Top TV: Five Shows You Need to be Watching

By // TV

A survey conducted by Hub Entertainment Research, as reported by the Huffington Post, revealed that 49 percent of people believe there are “so many television programs to choose from that …

15 January 2019

Top 5 Rugby Apps for the World Cup & Beyond

By // Sports

In an age when no one can leave their seat, let alone their house, without their phone, technology can be key to gaining further insight into your favourite game. Sports …

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