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06 July 2014

Fringe TO 2014: Justis, Day 1

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Centre of the Universe (B) The Centre of The Universe, staged between the taps and front windows of everybody’s favourite dive bar, “The Lab” is a gripping telling of …

11 March 2014

The Two Worlds of Charlie F.

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Veterans of recent war in Afghanistan and Iraq come home, having to confront the violent memories from their past, and an uncertain future. Swirled together with a categorical misunderstanding of …

08 March 2014

LOVE and Basketball

By // Sports

The inaugural “LOVE and Basketball 3 on 3 Tournament” lands in the HoopDome at Downsview Park on March 15th. Several hundred ballers and supporters will come together to raise money …

01 March 2014

Forgiveness: a theatrical poem

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Forgiveness caught my attention the first moment I saw it because it wasn’t called a play, nor was it deemed to be a performance piece. It was called a “Theatrical …

14 February 2014

The Untitled Feminist Show

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Untitled Feminist Show, by Young Jean Lee, is an hour of beautiful and thought-provoking movement. It’s an eclectic mixture of elements sifted together so that trying to pull it …

12 February 2014

The Coyote Collective’s Labour

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Coyote Collective presented Labour at the Passe Muraille Backspace last week. The show, written by Eric and Ryan Welch, attempted to represent the monotony, loneliness and despair that can …

08 February 2014

The Radio Show

By // Theatre (Toronto)

You’ve got to check out The Radio Show. If you don’t have any idea what it’s about and walk into the theatre, you’d see the powerful unity of dance and …

31 January 2014

A Rocky Return for Ken Gass

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Factory Theatre martyr Ken Gass’ newest project, Canadian Rep Theatre, premiered its first production this month. Directed by Gass, Pacamambo is stunning, the first moment the audience is allowed into …

22 January 2014

The…Musician: An Etude

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Toronto Laboratory Theatre and an English-Russian Theatre company named Théatrus have come together to produce a well-conceived play called The…Musician: An Etude. Three actors, Shelley Liebembuk, Clayton Gray and …

21 January 2014

Tarragon’s Flesh and Other Fragments of Love

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Flesh and Other Fragments of Love is about a married couple, Simone (Maria del Mar) and Pierre (Blair Williams). They bicker and squabble and get in each other’s way while …

21 January 2014

Theatre Smash’s Ugly One is Rather Pretty.

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The minimalist set, featuring a large, elevated platform shows off interesting blocking and is integral to the quick, clean transitions that pepper the play. The script’s myriad rapid-fire scene changes …

16 January 2014

Ali Eisner on her “Favourite Things”

By // Theatre (Toronto)

“It’s my first show,” she says to me, beaming. “I’ve been shooting forever! I started on dad’s old school Nikon,” she continues, all in one breath, “I just loved to …

16 December 2013

Weather the Weather

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Theatre Columbus’s Weather the Weather or how we make it home together is a good-natured evening full of holiday spirit in the Brickworks. This uniquely Canadian story of homecoming and …

04 December 2013

Danny And The Deep Blue Sea

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Walking into Baro Theatre’s opening night production of Danny And The Deep Blue Sea on Saturday night felt more like walking into an underground, bare-knuckle boxing match than into a …

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